Maintain Vaginal Wetness

As a woman age, vaginal dryness is inevitable. However, vaginal wetness can be maintained to a certain degree by adopting the following diet and lifestyle changes. Here’s what I do daily to maintain vaginal lubrication in the intimate area.

Vaginal Wetness Tips

The following supplements, diet and life-style changes are natural ways to keep the vagina lubricated.

Evening Primrose Oils

Supplement with evening primrose oil (EPO) capsules on a daily basis. It reduces menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings, dry vagina and sleep problems. Look out for “Cold Pressed and Non-Raffinated EPO” on the label. They are more expensive but products with this label uses only fresh oil and are not prone to oxidation.

Manjakani Tonic Pills

As women age, the vaginal lining thins, causing irritation, painful intercourse, increased risk of yeast and bacterial infections. Manjakani has been proven to help restore the health of the mucosal tissue, reducing these problems.

The other main ingredient, pueraria mirifica, contains exceptionally high concentrations of phyto-estrogen and is excellent for stimulating the “Bartholon” glands to release estrogen and bring on vaginal wetness.

Rekindle your youth, passion and libido with this all herbal supplement which has been used for generations of Indonesian and Thai women to feel sexy again after the menopausal years.

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Remain Hydrated

Drink at least eight 8oz glass of water. Even mild dehydration can have a drying effect on the mucous membranes including the vagina. A parched and dry mouth is an indication of mild dehydration.

Cut down on coffee and tea intake. The caffeine in a cup of coffee is known to deplete 2 cups of fluid from the body.

So if you are drinking 3 cups of coffee a day, you will have to drink another 6 glasses of water to replace the fluid loss, meaning a total of fourteen 8 oz glasses of water!

Soy Products

Include more soy products in your diet. Soy contains isoflavones (a major group of phyto-estrogen) which can compensate for the dwindling supply of vaginal estrogen.

Consume soy in the form of tofu, soy milk, soy custard, tempeh and soy protein shake. Regular soy consumption supports healthy vaginal tissues, hence it is a natural way to keep the vagina well-lubricated.

Dang Quai

The Chinese tonic herb, dang quai also known as female ginseng contains active compounds that have estrogen-like effect on the vaginal tissues.

Drinking a concoction of dang quai and black dates once or twice a month helps to ease vaginal dryness and improves general well-being.

Life-Style Changes To Keep The Vagina Wet

Yoga  -  Join a yoga class. Repeated stretching of the spine with yoga poses such as "cobra" and "upward facing dog" will trigger the release of growth hormones. Apart from keeping us young, these hormones ensure we stay wet "down there" too.

Stop Douching  -  Don’t douche as the astringent ingredients in douches dry out vaginal tissues and worsen an already dry vagina.

Sitz Bath  -  Have a sitz bath weekly with emollient herbs such as comfrey and marshmallow roots to maintain natural moisture in the vagina.

Make Time For Each Other  -  Slow down and savor the moment. As we get older we need more foreplay to be ready for sex. Activities where you can just enjoy each other’s company with no goal in mind are in fact a great sensual prelude to vaginal wetness and intimacy in the bedroom.

Hold hands and go for romantic walks, plan intimate dinners and romantic holidays for two.

Shower together, afterwards follow with a sensual massage. All these moments are great ways to bond as a couple which not only enhance your "hunger" for each other physically but strengthen your marriage as well.

Manjakani Feminine Gel

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It takes time for Manjakani Pills and diet changes to work. For instant vaginal wetness use Manjakani Feminine Gel - a vaginal tightening and lubricating gel to help you stay sexually active as sexual arousal promotes blood circulation, thus keeping the vagina moist.

Besides alleviating vaginal dryness, this water-base gel tightens the vagina muscles, enhance your libido and strengthen your orgasms resulting in sensational sex for both partners.

Combining diet and lifestyle changes and the dry vagina remedies are the best strategies for achieving vaginal wetness. Besides getting rid of vaginal dryness, they are a great boost to your overall health and well-being too.

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