Vaginal Pain
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Before choosing the right solution to ease vaginal pain in the privacy of your own home, let us take a look at the root cause of the problem.

The most common causes of painful sex for women are:-

  • Menopause
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Vaginal Infections
  • Sexual Inactivity
  • Vaginismus (tensing and involuntary vaginal muscle contraction)
  • Thickened and undilatable hymen
  • Vulvodynia (either provoked or unprovoked)

Any of the above can cause mild to extreme pain during penile penetration and may even lead to vaginal tearing and bleeding. Painful sex is depicted by some women as likened to a knife being plunged into the vagina.

How To Ease Vaginal Pain

Here are the details of painful sex and the method or remedy to ease the pain so that sexual intercourse is not "torture"  but  enjoyable again.


The vaginal walls become very fragile as it lose its natural lubrication, thickness and elasticity during the menopausal years when estrogen levels are low. In this fragile state, sexual intercourse easily causes tears and small cracks in the vagina lining causing pain and bleeding.

To encourage vaginal secretions, it is important to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep the body well hydrated. Include more soy, nuts and seeds in your diet. They contain phyto estrogen which helps to stabilize your body’s declining estrogen levels.

Manjakani Tonic Pills Xtra

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You can also supplement with manjakani tonic pills to restore lubrication, thickness and elasticity to the vaginal walls naturally. This supplement also helps to ease menopause symptoms for better well-being.

Manjakani Plus Gel-Tightens & Lubricates

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Or you can apply Manjakani Plus Gel (a vagina lubrication and tightening gel) in the vaginal opening 15 minutes before intercourse to enhance both parties sexual enjoyment.

Vaginal Dryness

Menopause, vaginal hysterectomy,oral contraceptives, stress, smoking, cancer treatment and therapeutic drugs are the main causes of vaginal dryness.

I would stress again that eating a well balanced, whole-some and nutritious diet with more fresh vegetables and fruits and less red meat and carbohydrates is the best way to ease vagina dryness.

Besides diet, Asians have long known that manjakani and pueraria mirifica is nature’s best gift to women. Manjakani tonic and pueraria mirifica pills are taken orally every day to keep the vagina wet and tight as well as maintain a slim figure to keep our partner from straying.

For instant lubrication and tightening, go for the above mentioned Manjakani Plus Gel which contains both manjakani and pueraria mirifica.

Vaginal Infections

Vagina infections such as candida, bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be the causes for vaginal pain as well.

If you have unprotected sex it is important to have a medical examination to rule out STIs before trying any home treatment.

Vagina Wand (Virgin Stick)

vagina wand for  treating excessive  vagina discharge
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However, if you have recurrent vagina yeast infection or bacterial vaginois (BV), this natural treatment works. For fast elimination of excessive vaginal discharge and a better grip, the vagina wand is the solution for your problem.

Sexual Inactivity

Not being sexually active could be due to sexual avoidance as the vaginal pain is torturous to endure. Or you are without a partner due to divorce, the passing of a spouse, etc.

We need to exercise to stay fit. Likewise, your vaginal muscles need stimulation to prevent them from narrowing and re-tightening. You can do this through self pleasuring - vaginal massage and clitorial stimulation or regular vaginal intercourse.

Add in what we, Asians have always been using (this pill and cream) and vaginal pain shouldn’t be your reason for sexual abstinence.


Vaginismus is caused by the unconscious contraction of the vagina muscles due to the fear of pain when penile penetration is initiated.

The problem worsens if there is no sexual activity. The vagina re-tightens causing even more pain when penetration occurs.

vaginal dilators for treating vaginal pain

A vaginal dilator kit which consists of four graduated size dilators is the best device to manage and treat vaginismus. It can be made of silicone or medical grade Pyrex glass. The silicone kit developed by US sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman offers a lower cost alternative to glass dilators.

Most women will have pleasurable sex after using the dilator consistently for a few months.

Thickened Or Undilatable Hymen

When their partner is “hitting a wall” with attempts at intercourse, most women believe that the problem is caused by a thickened or undilatable hymen. In practice, this is caused by vaginismus whereby the pelvic floor involuntarily tightens up at the vaginal entrance when penetration is attempted.

Hymen problems rarely cause penetration difficulties or vaginal pain. If there is a physical abnormality with the hymen, a minor surgical procedure known as hymenectomy may be required. However, this is rarely a necessity.

It is best to do a complete gynecological examination and seek a second opinion before considering surgery.

Other than thickened hymen which requires surgery, the remedies and methods mentioned here will help you to stay sexually active.

With regular sexually activity, penetration will be comfortable. Sex is blissful and vaginal pain is no longer an issue.

For vulvodynia causes and treatments, click here.

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