Vaginal Burning Causes And Solutions
It's Distressing! Frustrating!

Vaginal burning! Actually how do you describe the sensation? To me it is a feeling of warmth, heat even, and rawness down there. It is extremely uncomfortable. I can’t scratch it or soothe it with ointment. 

Urinating is always a tense moment. There is more  stinging when urine comes into contact with the inflamed labia and vulva .

Avoiding going to the toilet as much as possible seems to be the only logical solution, which of course is not. 

Luckily, the home based vagina burning remedies do provide some soothing relief.

Causes Of Vaginal Burning

The sensations of burning in the vagina varies in intensity. It depends on the underlying causes and individual factors.  The burning can be constant or only felt during urination or sex.

Vaginal itching and burning can appear suddenly or build up over weeks or months. Listed below are the major causes for that heat in the vagina.

Bacterial Vaginoisis

BV occurs due to the disruption in vagina flora resulting in an imbalance of good and bad bacteria. The burning sensation is accompanied by vaginal discharge, fishy odor and vaginal itching.

Vagina Yeast Infection (Candida)

Candida is caused by the fungus candida albicans . The symptoms are

  • Burning in the vagina
  • Thick (cottage cheese like) odorless discharge
  • Vulva inflammation
  • Labia itching 
  • Painful intercourse


Trichomoniasis is a type of sexually transmitted disease (STD). It results from the parasite trichomonas vaginalis being passed between sexual partners.The symptoms are:-

  1. Vagina burning during sex
  2. Abnormal vaginal discharge
  3. Smelly vaginal odor 
  4. Itching vagina


Gonorrhea is one of the common STDs. There is burning sensation, irregular bleeding, pain during urination and brown vaginal discharge.  Untreated gonorrhea can lead to pelvic inflammatory disorder (PID), infertility and ectopic pregnancy.


Chlamydia aka the "silent disease", is one of the most common STDs. The symptoms for women are:-

  1. Vaginal burning and itching 
  2. Slight bleeding in the vagina
  3. Pelvic pain
  4. Nausea and fever.

Viral Vaginitis

Viruses, spread by sexual contact is one of the common causes for viral vaginitis.

One form caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV) is often referred to as "herpes infection". You will have sensations of vagina burning and sores on the vulva and inside the vagina.

The other is the human papilloma virus (HPV) which shows up as vaginal warts. As the name imply, painful warts grow inside the vagina and rectum and on the vulva and groin. There is burning and itching of the vagina.

Non-Infectious Vaginitis

Non-infectious vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina resulting in abnormal discharge, burning and itching.  The cause is due to:-

  • Reduce in estrogen level associated with menopause, taking birth control pills and breast-feeding.
  • Allergies to chemical irritants in feminine wash, soaps, bubble baths and synthetic u nderewear.

How To Prevent Vaginal Burning

  • Do not use scented pads and toilet paper, feminine sprays and talcum powder in your intimate area. 
  • Refrain from using soaps to cleanse the vulva. They are harsh, causing irritation. A pH balanced cleanser or probiotic wash is most suitable for the vulva.
  • Avoid douching as it disrupts the vaginal flora.
  • Avoid hot tubs, swimming pools and bubble baths. They contain chemicals which you might be allergic to.
  • Always wipe from front to back (away from the vagina) after passing stools.
  • Wear cotton panties so that the genital area can breathe and change your undies daily.
  • Stay away from thong underwear as the strings cause more chaffing to the already sore vagina.

Vaginal Burning Solutions

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Vagina burning which is caused by allergies is less complicated. The discomfort will go off once you stop using the product.

This Manjakani Plus Gel and the Kacip Fatimah wash will ease the burning.

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See A Doctor

But vaginal burning related to bacterial, fungal and viral infection is a lot more difficult to treat.

The burning is not an isolated problem by itself. There is soreness, discharge, odor and sometimes painful sex. And certain vaginal infections have over-lapping symptoms too.

Go and see a gynecologist. He or she will determine the specific causes of the burn and prexcribe the right treatment.

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