Benefits of Vaginal Massage

Vaginal massage aka yoni massage, especially given by your partner is an extremely pleasurable experience.

When done frequently and consistently, just a 5-10 minutes vulva massage will help to:

  1. Boost suppleness and blood circulation in the vulva and vagina.
  2. Loosen the muscles of the pelvic floor resulting in more intense orgasms and better vaginal health.
  3. Promote a sense of peace and deep relaxation because it reduces tension and increases cellular flow in the central core of your body.
  4. Improve your overall well-being and sensuousness because you are establishing a loving relationship with your body.
  5. Reverse vaginal atrophy for menopausal women.
  6. Ease child birth; a daily vaginal and perineal massage after the 35th week of pregnancy can help to decrease the rate of injury and trauma of delivery.
  7. Builds sexual intimacy between a couple when your partner is giving the massage.

Step By Step Guide for Vagina Massage

Self-massage  - Self massaging the vagina involves both the external and internal vagina anatomy. It is very pleasurable with this vaginal gel.

Vaginal massage with Manjakani vagina gelVaginal Gel
  • To start off, pump 2-3 drops of this vaginal gel on the tips of either the middle or index finger, whichever works better for you. The silky texture of the gel will help your labia massage with very little friction.
  • Push into the skin with circular strokes and massage what is underneath the skin rather than brushing across the vagina’s surface. Include the inner lips, the hood and head of the clitoris and the perineum (the stretch of skin and muscle found between the vagina and anus).
  • Next, you gently massage into the opening of the vaginal canal with the same circular strokes.
  • Now you proceed with the internal vaginal massage. To massage further into the vaginal canal, use a dildo. Choose one which is very smooth that will not cause friction or tearing.
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This external and internal exploration of the vagina is very erotic and sensual. Feel sexy and enjoy the sensations.

Pussy massage with a little fantasy can be very pleasurable. Use your fingertips or a vibrator to bring yourself over the edge and be wowed by the intensity of your orgasm.

Sex whether it is self-pleasuring or with a partner promotes blood flow to the vagina walls which helps to keep the vagina moisturized and bathe in nutrients.

Self massaging the vagina is especially beneficial when there are long intervals of sexual abstinence. When done regularly, self massage will help menopausal women reverse vaginal atrophy as it keeps the vagina walls thick and blood flow active.

You will have no problems with vaginal dryness or painful intercourse when you are sexually active again.

Steps For Your Partner to do a Vaginal Massage

  1. Create a sensual and comfortable environment with soft lighting, music and scented candles.
  2. Prepare the oils; use pure, cold pressed organic oils such as almond or olive oil and place the container of oil in a bowl of warm water.
  3. Get intimate by showering together.
  4. Start with a relaxing body massage for about 20 minutes.
  5. Drip oil to your hand and fingers. Allow the oil to drip slowly across her intimates.
  6. Start by massaging the pubic mound, outer lips before touching her clitoris and vagina.
  7. Take time to tease her outer vagina area and then massage the base of her clitoris and vagina opening.
  8. As arousal builds-encourage her to breathe slowly and deeply.
  9. Pump a few drops of the vagina gel on your index finger. Proceed to enter her vagina gently with one finger and massage the inner walls. Find her G-spot and stimulate it.
  10. Don’t rush her climax, bring her close to climax and then slow down and continue.

G-Spot Massage

Insert your finger 1 or 2 inch inside the vagina with your palms facing up.  You will be able to feel a rough bean-shaped area on the front wall of the vagina.

Position you finger in a “come-hither” motion and stimulate this erogenous rough spot. You will experience intense sexual arousal leading to wave after wave of orgasm and female ejaculation.

vaginal massager-G-Spot VibratorVaginal Massager

Frequent self vaginal massage either with your fingers or a vaginal massager can pay long term dividends. You will have no problems with vaginal lubrication and painful intercourse.

And it works wonders for your emotional well-being too. You will feel and look sexy and at peace with yourself because you are having a loving and sensuous relationship with the core of your womanhood.

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