Atrophic Vaginitis 
Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

According to my medical encyclopedia, atrophic vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina. It is a non-infectious type of vulvovaginitis and occurs mostly in post menopausal or younger women.

Low estrogen levels is the main reason for this type of viginitis.

Estrogen And Menopause

Estrogen, a female sex hormone is vital for activating secretions to keep the vagina well lubricated and maintain its thickness.

For pleasurable sex, the vagina lining secretes more of the clear, mucous fluids during sexual excitement.

Decrease in estrogen level during the menopausal years leads to diminished vaginal secretions. This causes vaginal dryness and thinning of vagina walls.

Rough sex when the vagina is not lubricated enough might cause minor tears and cracks in the thinned vaginal lining. Resulting in vaginal inflammation and irritation. An inflamed vagina will of course give you painful sex.

The pelvic floor and urinary tract are also estrogen dependent. Decrease in estrogen might affect the urinary tract too.

There is a need to urinate frequently and a sense of urgency. Especially at night  during your sleeping hours.

Estrogen Deficit In Younger Women

Younger women might also have atrophic vaginitis. Their estrogen level dipped due to:-

  • medication for breast cancer, endometriosis, fibroids and infertility.
  • chemotherapy or radiation treatment to the pelvic floor area.
  • removal of the ovaries 
  • severe stress.
  • depression e.g. post–partum depression.
  • breast-feeding.
  • over exercising.

Symptoms connected to the above conditions are not immediate. They become  noticeable after estrogen levels has decreased for an extended period.

Symptoms of Atrophic Vaginitis

The characteristics of  atrophic  vaginitis are :-

  • burning sensation during urination.
  • vaginal dryness – sensation of vaginal burning during sex.
  • vaginal itching and soreness.
  • dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse.)
  • bleeding after sex (one of the main causes of vaginal bleeding after menopause).
  • odorless watery vaginal discharge.

Atrophic Vaginitis Treatment

Have More Sex

The easiest and most natural way to treat vaginal atrophy is to stay sexually active. Seminal fluids is the best treatment for a dry and inflamed vagina. Why? Because the sex steroids, fatty acids and prostaglandins in the male fluid can help to lubricate the vagina.

Well, I know you must be thinking, "are you kidding? With the pain and discomfort, you want me to have more action 'down there'?

You heard me right. Yes! You need to have more sex.

All you need to get hot and bothered  is a change in your prelude to sex. There is a solution.  You just need to sweep the vaginal gel inside the vagina during foreplay. And supplement with the manjakani tonic pill daily.

Change In Routine And Foreplay

To start off a change in sexual routine is necessary, particularly when foreplay is short in the past.

Let your partner know that prolonging foreplay and expansion of the sexual repertoire will make sex more enjoyable for both of you.

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No More Pain, Just Pure Pleasure

This vaginal rejuvenation gel contains Manjakani and Pueraria Mirifica.

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