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Vaginal health news is hard to come by in the Malaysian newspapers. Thus this page will feature updates on vaginal health that Google and Bing News pulls together from news sources around the world.

Articles on the intimate area that I come across from magazines will also be posted here.

Do you often come across news on vaginal health in your country’s newspapers or media? If so, please share it with our readers. Through sharing we benefit from each others knowledge.

Yes, you get to play reporter and editor too! Your news and stories will be featured on this page and you will be credited as the author.

Not only can you add your own vaginal health news, you can comment and share your opinion on the news featured here too.

First, though, here are the major feminine health news as gathered by Google and Bing News from over 4,000 news sources from around the world.

Google's and Bing's Global Source-Vaginal Health News

Vagina Pilates? What you need to know about pelvic floor physiotherapy

Painful sex and unintentional urine leaks aren’t necessarily topics you’d bring up at a cocktail party. But maybe they should be....

8 Bites for Your Bits: Your Vagina’s Favorite Foods

Unbalanced pH. Sounds like chemistry class, right? Add the word vaginal, and then it’s enough to make us squirm. Literally — because when you feel different down there, like a new odor and more than usual discharge......

How Pregnancy Affects Vaginal Health

It’s important to understand how pregnancy affects vaginal health, even after you give birth.

Irish doctor slams Khloe Kardashian's advice on achieving 'happy and healthy' vagina

An article by Khloe Kardashian offering women advice on achieving "a happy and healthy" vagina has been criticized by ......

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Your Vaginal Health news and Editorial Comments

Click on the links below to read vaginal health news and editorial comments that were all written by visitors to this page.

Rush for “Barbie” Vagina Has Experts Stumped 
Grace : Here is a report from the Star newspaper on the rush for “designer vaginas” (the Barbie look) favored by women around the world. Thank you, …

Packed With Great Content On Vaginal Health 
Interesting subject, well presented, well laid out. The overall look gives a feeling of sensitivity, concern and integrity which suits very well the subject …

Vaginal Rejuvenation-A ''Private" Makeover (Sunday Star) Not rated yet
With the standards of beauty and perfection constantly being raised, a growing number of women are now choosing to rejuvenate their vaginas to enhance …

Mobile Phone Found In Vagina Not rated yet
It is rare to see vagina news story in the Malaysian newspaper. This is an interesting story contributed by Jaswant of Kuala Lumpur. Thank you Jaswant …

No More Embarrassment About Vaginal Health Not rated yet
Hey, my first reaction to your site was "embarrassment." But, I must say, you are brave and you cover the subject professionally as it should be. This …

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