Vaginal Looseness
How To Gauge and Tighten A Loose Vagina

Vaginal looseness, how loose is considered loose, huh, when there is no such thing as a standard tightness or size to compare with, right?

Vaginal tone or strength is just like the firmness of our skin or body size. Some women are born with firm, well toned skin whereas some are more flabby. As for body size, some have bigger build than others.  The same holds true for the vagina. Some women are naturally looser or bigger than others.

How To Gauge Vaginal Looseness

You can determine vaginal looseness by doing the finger check or the kegel ball test.

The Finger Check Test

For the finger check test you need to slide your index finger into the vagina and see if you can feel it. Then two fingers (index and middle) to gauge tightness as compared to one finger. If you can slide in three fingers (middle, index and ring finger hold together) and can’t feel much, than most probably the vagina is a bit loose.

Kegel Ball Test

Kegel ball test is done by holding the ball with your vagina. The longer the better. A tight vagina can hold the ball even when you are squatting. Your vaginal tone is good if you can stand with legs wide apart without the ball dropping out. The vagina is slack or loose if the ball drops out even if you are standing with your legs closed.

Womanhood And Vaginal Tone

I don’t think any of us would want to be at the last stage of the above two tests to do something about vaginal slackness or loose vagina, right? As we embark on our journey to womanhood - from puberty, virgin, sexually active adult, marriage, motherhood and menopause the vagina will undergo changes.

In my vaginal looseness myths page, I have mentioned that childbirth and being sexually active will not loosen the vagina. BUT it will definitely be stretched. That’s inevitable.

Prevent & Reverse Vagina Looseness

Preventing vagina looseness and maintaining vaginal tightness is better than cure. Don’t wait until it is loose to do something about it.

For centuries, Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian women consume a medicinal brew that has manjakani and pueraria mirifica to tighten the vagina after childbirth.

Besides vaginal tightening, these two herbs are effective dry vagina remedies. They help restore moisture in the vaginal wall.

Thanks to modern research, herbalist has formulated these two powerful vaginal tightening herbs into tonic pills, cream and wand (virgin stick).

Now, women all over the world can have easy access to these formulations to prevent/maintain or reverse vaginal looseness.

Manjakani (Oakgall) Tonic Pill (Oral Supplement)-150 pills x 200mg)

This oral manjakani supplement helps to:-

  • Tighten and firm up the muscles of the vaginal walls, restoring elasticity and improving muscle tone for a honeymoon fit.
  • Rejuvenate thinning vaginal walls, soothes minor tears and burns.
  • Constrict the vaginal walls after childbirth.
  • Reduce excessive vaginal discharge, itching and odor.
  • Regulate the menstrual cycle and ease menstrual cramps and backache.
  • Tighten stomach muscles to trim the waistline.
  • Improve libido and overall vitality.

1 bottle for USD28;  2 for USD50,  3 for USD72 only!

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Manjakani Plus Gel-Vaginal Tightening & Lubrication

manjakani vaginal tightening gel with pueraria mirifica

Supplements need time to be effective, meanwhile use this vaginal tightening gel to instantly tighten and lubricate the intimate area to enhance sexual sensations for both partners.

Apply it 10 - 15 minutes before making love. It increases muscle tension in the lower vagina, thus providing a firmer grip for better sensations.

With Manajakani Plus Gel, you can now reverse loss of elasticity due to childbirth,aging and hormonal changes and be tighter than ever. No need for surgery or drugs. Just naturally.  Read more ....

1 tube for USD25; 2 for USD46, 3 for USD65 only!

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This vaginal tightening gel can effectively:-

  • Tone and tighten the vaginal muscle for that honeymoon fit and heighten intimate sensation for both partners.  
  • Ward off infections that may cause excessive discharge, itch and unpleasant odor.   
  • Restore woman's natural lubrication and promote healthier vaginal tissue health and elasticity.

Vaginal Tightening Wand (Virgin Stick)

vaginal tightening wand for inserting into the vagina

A vagina tightening wand (Virgin Stick) in the shape of a 12 cm long cigar to tighten and warm your vagina on demand.

Insert this wand into your vagina for a 2-3 minutes and withdraw. You will feel the tightening effect within 30 minutes after taking it out of the vagina.

Your partner will go CRAZY over the hotness and the contraction of your vaginal walls during intercourse. It intensifies the sexual sensations for both partners and you will enjoy frequent and stronger orgasms.

Besides tightening the vagina, this wand is an effective remedy for excessive vagina discharge, itching and odor. Use it 3 times a week for eliminating excessive vaginal discharge. Read more ....

1 box for USD28; 2 boxes for USD50 only!

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These vaginal rejuvenation products have helped to rekindle mine and countless other couples’ love lives all over the world.

You too can have an enjoyable and satisfying sex life like us.

So, ladies, don’t let vaginal looseness affect your self-esteem and feel unattractive or old.

Apart from kegel exercises, herbal remedies can effectively tighten a loose vagina. It is the best alternative to surgery for vaginal tightening.

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