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Vaginal Burning During Sex Solutions

Vaginal burning during sex can cause a woman to avoid sex. Regain your sexual enjoyment with manjakani pills and gel

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Vaginal Boils Prevention Herbal Remedies And Home Treatments

Vaginal boils are pus filled tender bumps near the labia. You can the pus with manjakani gel and home remedies

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Vaginal Bleeding Facts Every Woman Should Know

Vaginal bleeding is a normal monthly cycle. Know the difference between normal and abnormal bleeding from the vagina

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Vaginal Anatomy -Let's Do A Vaginal Self-Exam!

Getting to know your vaginal anatomy is the start to better vaginal health, hygiene and pleasurable sex

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Natural Vagina Tightening Solutions

Vagina tightening with Manjakani pill, gel and wand requires no down time in your sex live.

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Vaginal Atrophy-Causes & Symptoms

Vaginal atrophy after menopause is manageable with manjakani gels, pills and some lifestyle changes

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Vagina Pimples - Causes, Prevention and Natural Treatments

Vagina pimples, acne or bumps are inflamed red and tender lumps. Tips to prevent and treat pimples around the vulva

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Vagina Exercise –Discover An Alternate Exercise to the Kegel

Besides Kegel, here is an alternative vagina exercise that works to tighten vagina muscles

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Vagina Dryness Treatment-Manjakani Pill and Gel

Vagina dryness gel and majakani pill that provides optimum moisture for pleasurable sex

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Vagina Discharge - Normal And Abnormal Watery Discharge

Normal vagina discharge is watery and milky white. It is abnormal if it changes color and becomes thick and smelly

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