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Vaginal Lubrication-Your First Sign of Sexual Arousal

Manjakani gel for fast vaginal lubrication. Proven to get vagina walls well lubricated and tight within 20 minutes.

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The Risk Of Vaginal Douching Far Outweighs The Benefits

There is more harm than benefits to vaginal douching. It is better to use a herbal feminine wash to cleanse the vulva rather than squirting some chemicals inside your vagina.

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Eliminate Bad Vagina Smells Naturally

You can get rid of vagina smellsr with the black vagina wand, practice good vaginal hygiene and adopt some lifestyle changes

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Pelvic Floor Muscles Strengthening Tips

Tips for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles for powerful orgasms, increase flexibility, stability and balance.

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Painful Intercourse - Physical And Psychological Causes

Painful intercourse can cause a lot of frustration in a couple’s sex life. But with the help from manjakani gel and pill, sex can be pleasurable again.

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Natural Remedies For Vaginal Dryness

Natural remedies for vaginal dryness can be easily included in your diet. They are inexpensive, has no side-effects and is beneficial for your overall health too.

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The Best Menopause Vaginal Dryness Solutions

Menopause vaginal dryness is the main reason for painful intercourse. Don't suffer in silence. There are proven solutions that has worked for me and countless other couples.

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Living With Herpes - How Do Cope With It

There are millions of women living with herpes. These lifestyle changes, diet and home treatment tips have been proven to control or lessen the severity of a herpes outbreak.

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Ease Menopause Symptoms With Manjakani Tonic Pills

Ease menopause symptoms with Manjakani and Pueraria Mirifica Pills. For centuries, Indonesian and Thai women had used these two herbs to replenish dwindling estrogen levels.

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The Menopausal Women's Guide To Better Sex

With herbal supplements, a change in diet and attitude, most menopausal women can have better sex post menopause than during their younger years.

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