Vaginal Itching Is Agonizing

What exactly is vaginal itching? It is the itching of the external vaginal anatomy or the vulva. At its tiniest it is at the base of the vagina and at times it could reach the labia minora (inner vaginal lips). It is annoying and uncomfortable. Embarrassing too!

Scratch or not to scratch, it is agonizing! If you cannot take it anymore and succumbed to scratching, yeah it feels so good. But when you overdo it, the agony starts – inflammation and stinging sensation which could lead to the development of boil on the vagina lip.

But if you do not scratch, the vulva itch can drive you insane! And it is more acute at night. Worse is when there is an urge to scratch in public places. It’s sheer frustration. If you have been through vagina itching, you will know what I mean!

Vaginal Itching Causes

The following are possible causes of vulva itch:-

Vaginal Infections - Bacterial vaginosis, vaginal yeast infection and vaginal candidiasis are vaginal infections that have symptoms of acute genital itching. 

Genital Herpes  - Sores and lesions associated with genital herpes cause itching, pain and burning in the vagina.

Allergies To Chemical IrritantsChemical irritants present in detergents, laundry wash, feminine hygiene products  (powder, perfumes and vaginal creams) and latex condoms are the main causes of non-infectious vulva itching.

Chemical DouchesChemical douches alters the vaginal PH resulting in a disruption of the normal acidic environment. Frequent douching is not necessary as the vagina is self cleaning.

If there is a need to douche, do it occasionally like after the end of your period or after unprotected sex. (Bear in mind that douching is not a prevention for unwanted pregnancy).

It is better to make your own douches which are mentioned in the vaginal itching remedies that I have researched and tried.

DiabetesWomen who are diabetic usually have frequent bouts of vaginal yeast infection, of whichvagina itching is one of the symptoms. In fact, yeast infection may be a sign of new onset of diabetes.

Antibiotics And ContraceptivesAntibiotics and oral contraceptives affects the acidity of the vagina. A less acidic vagina results in an overgrowth of yeast, resulting in vaginal irritation.

Menstruation And PregnancyItchy vulva may be caused by hormonal imbalance during menstruation and pregnancy.

Synthetic fibers of sanitary pads and strings of tampons can irritate sensitive vaginal tissues resulting in itching too.

MenopauseWhen estrogen levels dipped during menopause, the vagina walls become thinner and drier. Minor tears and cracks occur in the fragile vaginal tissues causing itching and inflammation. 

Lichen Sclerosis -Lichen sclerosis is a rare skin condition that causes thin, white patches to form on the skin especially around the vulva.

Post menopausal women are more susceptible to itching caused by lichen sclerosis. 

Psychological StressStudies have shown that stress has a negative impact on our immune system. When our internal defenses are down, our vaginal health as well as general well-being suffers.

Vaginal yeast infection accompanied by vaginal itching is more likely to occur. So relax and take things easy and you are on your way to eliminating one of the causes of genital itch.

Treating Vaginal Itch With Herbal Remedies

Vulva itch caused by chemical irritants are easy to deal with. Stop using the product. And switch to this manjakani & kacip fatimah feminine wash will usually solve the vaginal irritation.

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Vaginal Wand/Stick to stop Vaginal Itching

The women of Madura use this vagina tightening wand for:-

  • Tightening their vagina
  • Eliminating excessive vaginal discharge and vaginal wetness (which most men find repulsive), itching and odor.  
  • Stronger contraction of vaginal walls during intercourse, hence more intense sexual pleasures for both partners.  Your man will go crazy over your tightness when you clamp down on his manhood and make him explode with awesome intensity!
  • More frequent, powerful and stronger orgasms.

(The wand is to be inserted into the vagina and then withdrawn after a few minutes).  

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Manjakani Vaginal Gel 

Manjakani Vaginal Gel

For menopausal women this Manjakani Feminine Gel is your solution for itching caused by vaginal dryness.

Used daily, the gel tightens and lubricates the vaginal walls. No more agonizing itch and painful sex. Just pure enjoyment!


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Medical Attention

If vaginal itching is not due to any of the causes mentioned above, please consult a medical professional to determine what is wrong before embarking on any self treatment.

Even if the itching has no accompanying symptoms, it is still advisable to see a doctor if it persists for more than a week. Or do not subside after following the vaginal itching remedies suggested and is getting progressively worse.

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