Can Menopausal Women Stay Sexually Active?

Well, enough have been written about the problems menopausal women faced when the ovaries stop producing estrogen after menopause. The main issues being hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal atrophy and low sex drive.

I will not discuss the other menopause symptoms but will focus mainly on:-

  • treating vagina dryness/atrophy in the comforts of your home.
  • overcoming low libido and remain sexually active after menopause.

Diet, herbal supplements and attitude on sexuality are important factors that shaped my post menopausal years.

Herbal Supplements-Manjakani Tonic Pills

I started distributing vaginal health products in Malaysia in my forties. From my research I found that Indonesian and Thai women consume manjakani pills to boost libido and constrict the vaginal muscles after childbirth.

To test the products efficacy, I supplemented with the manjakani tonic pills and have never looked back. I am sixty this year. And still amazed with the pills effectiveness in maintaining vaginal tightness, wetness and libido.

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Manjakani helped to maintain the thickness of vaginal wall post menopause. Thus preventing vaginal atrophy – a condition linked to vaginal dryness and painful intercourse.

This supplement coupled with vaginal massagers make it possible for menopausal women to enjoy frequent and sensational sex. A happy and fulfilled sex life will affect other areas of your life too.

After intercourse, you sleep better, which helps the glands to produce hormones more efficiently. The hormones produce during this time include estrogen, endorphins and growth hormones, which are all vital components of an effective anti-aging regimen.

This constant production of hormones helps to extend the functioning of the ovaries, as well. Therefore, a woman who enjoys sex can delay the onset of menopause.  And stay sexually active well into her later years.

If you are not in a relationship, clitoral stimulation can produce the same results too.

The Menopausal Women's Diet

Soy Products

During my late thirties I learned that Japanese women do not have any menopause symptoms when they go through the change. In fact, the word menopause does not exist in the Japanese language. This is due to the fact that the Japanese consume a lot of soy products.

Since then, I have change my diet to include lots of vegetables, grains, legumes, fresh fruits and soy products - soy milk, soy pudding, bean curd sheets, tofu and soy protein shakes. Besides, helping to manage menopausal symptoms, all these foods are rich in the anti-oxidant vitamins-A, C and E. They are great natural remedies for vaginal dryness.

Not only did my general health improved, this change in dietary habits has definitely helped to minimize the usual menopausal symptoms. Other than the occasional hot flashes which occurred 3 to 4 times a day that last from 2-3 minutes, I have not suffered from mood swings and night sweats.

By increasing my soy intake and supplementing with the manjakani pill, my breasts are firmer too. 

All these benefits are due to the phyto-estrogens which are biologically active compounds from plants. These plant estrogen bind to the same estrogen receptive sites and behave similarly to human estrogen which are believed to be a stabilizing factor throughout hormonal cycles.

Hot Chilies And Dark Chocolate

Throw in some hot chilies next time you go shopping. Chilies contain capsaicin which promotes blood circulation and stimulate the nerve endings. It is just what you need for better sexual stimulation.

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants which improve blood flow to sexual organs. It also contains magnesium which increases desire as well as satisfaction.


Familiarity and routine often leads to boredom. A little imagination and change of routine can bring back the passion into your love life. Ask him to give you an erotic yoni massage. Both of you will be fully aroused in twenty minutes!

Spice up your relationship with date nights with your partner. Make it a formal arrangement for the time and place to have an intimate get-together.

Dress sexily to tease him. The anticipation will get both of you sexually aroused and ready. Make this a regular occurrence, and you will soon see your desire for each other rekindled.

It is not always a lack of desire or vaginal atrophy that prevents post menopausal women from enjoying a healthy sex life. Sometimes, celibacy is self imposed as we are affected by society’s stigma against older people being sexually active.

Do not be bound by society’s attitude. What is important is that no matter what age, as long as both parties are consenting adults, sexual enjoyment builds intimacy between two people.

It is high time we, menopausal women “throw caution to the wind” and start enjoying our post-menopausal years!

Pregnant women should not take this pill. Menopausal and sexually active women can benefit from its daily intake.

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