Loose Vagina 

The loose vagina remedies featured on this page contains all herbal ingredients. There are hardly any side-effects. And no vagina tightening surgery required!

This vagina tightening products are sourced from reputable manufacturers from around the world. You can buy with confidence as I have personally tested the efficacy of all these products before launching them. If there are any side effects, I am the first to experience them.

It is my wish that everyone woman who use or consume these loose vagina remedies will:-

  • regain their vagina tightness 
  • rekindle their ardor and passion.
  • recapture their youth and be confident of their womanly charms again.

Your Choices Of Loose Vagina Remedies

Vagina Tightening Wand (Virgin Stick) 

Tighten loose vagina with vagina tightening wandVagina wand/Virgin Stick

This vagina tightening wand or virgin stick is specially formulated for women who crave to reach their full sexual potential. This virgin stick:-

  •  stimulate and intensify sexual pleasure for both partners
  • tighten and improve vagina muscle tone.
  • get rid of smelly vaginal odor and itching.
  • reduce excessive vaginal discharge which most men find very repulsive.

The recipe for this virgin stick is a guarded secret in Madura. It is passed down from the matriarch of one generation to the next.  

The virgin sticks are hand-made by the present matriarchs of Madura.  And they have not changed the recipe through the centuries. 

Directions for use: Dampen the vagina wand slightly and insert it into the vagina. Swipe it around inside the vagina for about three (3) minutes. Then slowly withdraw. You will feel the tightening effect within 15-20 minutes. 

Caution: Do not leave the vagina tightening wand inside the vagina for more than 5 minutes. You will be so tight that your partner will have a hard time penetrating you.

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Vaginal Tightening Gel 

ManjakaniVagina Tightening Gel

This water base vaginal tightening or love gel contains manjakani and pueraria mirifica extracts. Manjakani tightens while pueraria lubricates the vagina walls.

This gel is good for women with loose and dry vagina and want instant lubrication. Just aply 2-3 drops on your index finger and swipe it 2 inches up the vagina.  You will feel your vagina getting moist and tight almost instantly.

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Manjakani Vagina Tightening Pill

Manjakani Vaginal Tightening Pill

This vagina tightening pill has helped to diminish my menopausal symptoms and maintain vagina lubrication and tightness. I have taken it as a supplement for more than 10 years.

No, not continuously. Once the desired results have been achieved, you do not need to take it every day. Just supplement every alternate three months.

Manjakani" rejuvenates the vaginal muscular cells with a rich blend of nutrients that help to:-

  • Tighten and firm up the vagina muscles. Thus, restoring elasticity and improving vaginal tone for a honeymoon fit.
  • Thicken and moisturize vaginal walls - no more painful sex
  • Constrict the vaginal walls after childbirth.
  • Reduce excessive vaginal discharge, itching and odor.
  • Regulate the menstrual cycle and ease menstrual cramps and backache.
  • Tighten stomach muscles for a trimmer waistline.
  • Firm up breast tissues.
  • Improve libido and overall vitality.

For first time users: Take 2 pills 3 times a day with a cup of warm water. Do this continuously for 3 to 4 weeks. You will notice all the benefits listed above.

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Manjakani pill & Vagina Wand

This two products work in synergy to treat a too slippery/wet and loose vagina. 

1.  The Manjakani pill is a daily supplement for long term vagina tightening, better sex drive, vitality and firmer breasts.

2. The vagina tightening wand gets rid of excessive vagina discharge (you can the white discharge sticking on it) and tightens the vagina instantly.

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Manjakani pill & vagina gel

This combination is the best treatment for dry and loose vagina. 

1. Manjakani pill is a daily supplement for long term vagina tightness, better energy and sex drive. Because of vagina dryness, friction from the penis tears and scars the vaginal wall during sex. The pills heals tears and scars along the vaginal wall which cause painful sex.

2.  No need to wait when you are in the mood for love. The Manjakani gel is for instant vagina moisturizing and tightening. Apply 2-3 drops onto your index finger and swipe it 2 inches up the vagina. You will get wet and tight in 10 minutes!

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For detailed information on each product go to FAQ and vagina tightening herbs.

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