About Grace: empowering women to take charge of their vaginal health

Are you shy to talk about vagina issues?

Well, I have learned not to be. Vagina is an unavoidable word in my vocabulary every day. It can’t be helped as women are seeking information about their vajayjay both in my brick and mortar store and online.

I am Grace, a Malaysian Chinese.  If you asked me to talk about vaginal health 25 years ago, I would feel downright uncomfortable. Talking about sex or the private part is a “no-no” in our Asian household.

Growing up in a village even buying menstruation pads was an embarrassment. That was in the early 1970s.  I remembered the sundry shop guy was all red face when he handed out the pads.

But things have changed -a lot - since those days.

Education on Vaginal Care 

Passed my examinations and received my certificate on women's health care. Group photo with doctors and nutritionistPhoto with trainers after receiving my certificate on women's health care

In 1994,  I applied for a dealership with a conglomerate distributing a wide range of natural health care products. The range includes vaginal health, skin care and herbal supplements.

Before starting, I was given an intensive three weeks health and product training course, conducted by the company’s in house nutritionist and doctors.

The topics covered the benefits of various herbs, women’s health and vaginal care. It is an ongoing program whereby dealers are compulsory to attend every six months.

Examinations are held at the end of each training session. If a dealer fails in three consecutive tests, they are out. I am pleased to mention that I passed oven fifty examinations and have been an authorized dealer for the company for twenty five years.

Why Do Women Visit My Feminine Health Shop

One of my regular customers buying the vaginal health products - herbal vaginal washes and vaginal tightening gel. My shop has been in operation since 1994Attending to one of my regular customers in my shop. The popular vaginal care range on the counter

Unlike a pharmacy which is quite impersonal, my store provides privacy for my customers to select their products. Especially on the vaginal care range, they feel at ease asking questions.

Well, in the early days my customers were shy to mention their vagina problems. I had clients who whispered for a product to wash their “3 inch space”. I was baffled! Turned out they were embarrassed to mention vaginal wash.

As I began to share common vagina problems with my customers, they started to open up. They no longer feel shy to seek solutions for their vaginal health issues. The knowledge that I gained from the company’s training courses was invaluable. It gave me the know how and confidence to solve my customers’ problems.

They saw results with the solutions I offered. It is heartwarming to hear their positive feed backs after they had used the home remedies or a vaginal care product I recommended.

My shop has become a place for my customers to get together. When they meet, they feel free to talk about their intimate problems. If a product had worked for them, they are eager to share with other shoppers.

What does all this have to do with you?

Over the years, my customers have trusted my advice. To keep that trust, it is my priority to educate and upgrade myself on issues of the vagina.

Besides attending my company’s training courses, I read, studied and research extensively on vaginal health. I have gained a lot of knowledge and kept lots of notes on this fascinating subject.

After getting married and having babies, I know the frustrations of vaginal looseness, excessive discharge and menopause vaginal dryness. I have been there. I have learned.

This website is my platform to share my notes, experiences and solutions for vaginal health with women all over the world.  You are empowered to solve your vaginal issues 24/7.

Just like my shop where women socialize and talk about their “below the belt” issues, my site visitors share their experiences and concerns via the comments/testimonials section. Hence, they are helping other women overcome their  vaginal health problems.

So come on in. It’s a place where you can chat freely about anything concerning your vagina. No more embarrassment!

Stay in touch

Explaining the benefits of the herbal vaginal care products to my customers

I will update my pages with new information as we go along. Do drop by often!

If you have suggestions or concerns you can get in touch with me by filling up the form below. I would love to hear from you.

 I would love to hear from you.

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