Vaginal Moisturizers

A lot of women have the misconception that vaginal moisturizers and vaginal lubricants are 2 classes of products that have the same functions.

In actual fact, the two products have completely differing purpose and functions.

Moisturizers for the vagina come in the form of gels, liquids and creams. They are designed for regular and long-term use to replenish moisture in the vagina.

The moisturizer is swipe inside the vagina to treat burning, itching, soreness and other discomfort caused by vaginal dryness.

Feminine moisturizers are NOT to be used:-

  • just before or during sexual intercourse.
  • for treating a vaginal infection.
  • for applying on vaginal massagers for easy insertion.

How Do Vaginal Moisturizers Work

For best results, apply generous amount of feminine moisturizers at least 2-3 times a week. Use it when you are not having sex or an hour before intercourse. And then adjust the intervals between applications as needed to manage your symptoms.

Once applied, the moisturizer forms a moist coating on the dry vaginal cells and delivers continuous moisture until those cells are naturally regenerated, which is about every 3-5 days.

This allows the vaginal tissue to absorb moisture leaving them hydrated and rejuvenated. With continuous usage, the tissues regain their natural elasticity, thickness and moisture and the vagina’s normal physiological function is restored.

First time users of vaginal moisturizers might experience more vaginal discharge than is normal. This is your body’s way of naturally shedding dry vagina cells that had built up over time. To minimize leakage, apply the moisturizer before bedtime. Wear a panty liner to absorb the excess discharge.

Regular moisturizing will prevent the buildup of dead skin cells. The abnormal discharge should clear up within a week or two.

Moisturizers for the intimate area are easily available without a prescription in most drug stores, with Replens being one of the most popular choices. Gynecologists have long recommended Replens as it provides long-lasting moisture and is free from parabens, glycerine and silicone.

Alternatively, you can use Vitamin E capsules as a simple home-made intimate moisturizer.  Just prick the capsule with a pin, empty the oil on to your index finger and gently massage the oil into your vagina.

Natural Vaginal Moisturizer - Manjakani Pills

Vaginal Moisturizers such as manjakani pill and gel helps to moisturize and restores lubrication naturallyManjakani Tonic Pill
10% off for 2 Vagina Tightening Pills

For women who are not comfortable with applying moisturizer in the intimate area or are looking for a total female rejuvenation product, I would suggest that you take this tonic pill.

This manjakani pill is the best seller in my women’s health boutique and is meant to be taken orally as a daily supplement.

The eastern herbs – (manjakani (oakgall) and pueraria mirifica (white kwa krua) in this tonic pills have proven to:-

  1. Stimulate the “Bartholon” glands to release estrogen and restore natural vaginal lubrication.
  2. Rejuvenate thinning vaginal walls, soothes minor tears and burns.
  3. Tighten and firm up the muscles of the vaginal walls, restoring elasticity and improving muscle tone for a honeymoon fit.
  4. Constrict the vaginal walls after childbirth.
  5. Reduce excessive vaginal discharge, itching and odor.
  6. Regulates the menstrual cycle and ease menstrual cramps and backache.
  7. Tightens stomach muscles to trim the waistline.
  8. Improve libido and overall vitality.

As the pill is an herbal supplement, it takes time to feel the effect. Give it a period of four to six weeks. After which, you will notice that your vaginal wall will be lubricated, tighter and thicker. There will be no more painful intercourse.

10% off for 2 Vagina Tightening Pills

"The Manjakani pill is so wonderful, it is really effective. It really tightens the vagina and brings back the enjoyment like we had on our first night together. I also find that I don't tear as easily now, but if I do get a little tear on my vagina, Manjakani pill helps it to heal within a day."

Mrs Chin, Kuala Lumpur

Vagina Moisturizer and Tightener- Manjakani Gel

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While waiting for the supplement to take effect, you can use this vaginal tightening gel for instant vaginal moisturizing and tightness. This is a gentle water based vaginal moisturizer with natural Manjakani and Pueraria Mirifica extracts.

Pump 2-3 drops of the gel in your index finger and swipe it inside the vagina 20 minutes before intercourse. You will feel the moisturizing and tightening effect within 10-20 minutes after application.

This vaginal tightening gel can effectively:-

  1. Tone and tighten the vaginal muscle for that honeymoon fit. Heighten intimate sensation for both partners.  
  2. Ward off infections that may cause excessive discharge, itch and unpleasant odor. 
  3. Restore woman's natural lubrication and promote healthier vaginal tissue health and elasticity.
  4. Treat boil on vaginal lip, including minor sores and bruises. 
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Both methods the pill or gel gives you the freedom to be spontaneous, whenever the spark ignites!

You will be ready for romance anytime.

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