Rush for “Barbie” Vagina Has Experts Stumped

by Zizie
(United Kingdom)

Vagina tightening surgery

Vagina tightening surgery

Grace : Here is a report from the Star newspaper on the rush for “designer vaginas” (the Barbie look) favored by women around the world.

Thank you, Zizie for taking the time to summarize the report. This is indeed enlightening news.

Since ancient times, women have been exploring various methods and ingredients to tighten and keep their vaginas fresh and moist.

Vagina rejuvenation surgery aka vaginoplasty can certainly tighten the vagina most of the time. But there have been cases of “botched” surgery resulting in:-

1. The vagina have become too snug making sex
2. Painful scarring
3. Nerve damage leading to loss of sensation
4. Hypersensitivity

And do not forget that like any other surgeries there will be mild swelling and slight bleeding for the next 24 hours. There is down time involved too. You are advised to refrain from having sex for at least six weeks.

Instead of opting for vaginoplasty why not give Loose Vagina Remedies a chance to tighten your vagina?

There is no “down time”. The cost won't break your bank account. You can tighten your vagina discreetly in your own home. And the only side effect is that your partner will desire you more and more! That’s good news, right?

Coming back to the “Barbie look”, do men really like a flat vagina with sort of a slit? Let me have some feedback from your partners, ladies.

Let's hand it to Zizie.

Read this article from The Star newspaper. This is a summarized version.

Paris : A rush of women going under the knife for designer vaginas has taken even plastic surgeons by surprise. This phenomenon has divided medical professionals on the ethics and benefits of “labiaplasty.”

Most often, labiaplasty involves trimming back the inner ‘lips’ or labia minora flanking the vagina opening, in a procedure that is also known as nymphoplasty.

In 2015, more than 95,000 women world-wide underwent the procedure, with 9,000 done in the United States alone. This data was released by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

Labiaplasty is the 19th most popular surgical procedure in 2015. In 22nd place was “vaginal rejuvenation” (tightening of the vaginal canal) with over 50,000 surgeries done.

Older data is not available. But research shows that growth in the designer vagina sector has been explosive in the past few years.
Thanks to the internet women have become much more concerned about the appearance of their vagina”.

How many nude women, before the internet would a woman see in her lifetime?

Not many, you know, very carefully looking at … genitals.

However, much of what men and women see does not in any way resemble the variety of shape and sizes in which the female genitalia exist.

A study based in 2005, found far greater diversity in genital shape and size than had ever been documented in scientific literature.

In the 50 women studied labia minora length varied from two to 10 cm, and width from 0.7 to five centimeters.

Given the variety, it is surprising that surgeons feel confident that surgery has the potential to achieve a ‘normal’ female vagina.
“It’s very concerning,” said Dorothy Shaw, former head of the Society of Obstetricians Gynecologists of Canada (SOGO), referring to the “standard” being pursued.

Designer vulva resembles those of a young girl. They have no hair and they’re very flat, so you just see sort of a slit.

Yet the fad has taken root like many others before it.

“While women can suffer real discomfort from protruding inner labia chafing, almost 40% use it as an excuse to get labiaplasty done”, said gynecologist and plastic surgeon Nicholas Bereni.

What these women really want is the “Barbie” look. On Barbie you don’t see the inner labia.

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Feedback on the "Barbie look" Vagina
by: Thila

Yes, do men really favor a "Barbie look" vagina. Hairless, flat with no visible labia?

I pose this question to my husband. His answer is rather surprising. He prefers a vagina with more flesh, visible labia and a bit of pubic hair. To hime it is more enticing and sexy.

A flat vagina scares him off as he is afraid it might not be able to accommodate his penis and also it might hurt his partner.

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