Vaginal Burning During Sex

Vaginal burning during sex can create psychological distress for both partners.

Why? For the lady, of course, it is very uncomfortable and she might dread making love. Sensing her lack of pleasure and enthusiasm from their love making is also very frustrating for her partner

Causes Of Vaginal Burning During Sex

  1. Bacterial Infection – bacterial vaginosis
  2. Viral Infection - Herpes and HPV
  3. Fungal infection -Yeast Infection
  4. Sexually Transmitted Disease – Chlamydia, Trichomoniassis
  5. Allergies – Medication and Chemical Irritants
  6. Chemical based feminine Hygiene Products
  7. Hormonal Changes

The first six causes of vaginal burning has been dealt with here. Let’s examine the reasons why hormonal changes can cause vaginal burning during sex.

Hormonal changes which occur before and after menstruation can affect the acidity level in the vaginal area. A less acidic environment causes disruption in the harmonious balance of good and bad bacteria in the vagina.

Vaginal infections occur when the population of the bad bacteria outgrows the good ones and vaginal burning is one of the symptoms of an infection.

A decrease in the female sex hormone (estrogen) during and after menopause is another cause of vaginal burning during sex. Lowered estrogen causes thinning of the vaginal walls and dryness. Tears and cracks might appear in the delicate vaginal tissues during penile penetration and thrusting leading to atrophic vaginitis.

The symptoms of atrophic vaginitis are vaginal dryness, burning, painful sex and watery discharge.

Solutions To Stop Burning In The Vagina

Practicing good vaginal hygiene such as:-

  1. Washing the vulva daily with this Kacip Fatimah intimate cleanser
  2. Getting your partner to use a condom.

is the best way to prevent an infection that causes burning in the vagina during intercourse.

The Kacip Fatimah cleanser is a soap free, gentle foaming herbal feminine wash that combines the time-tested formula of manjakani and kacip fatimah. Two botanical extracts that are well-known for their natural antiseptic and astringent properties.  This ultra mild (pH3.5) formula:-

  • Helps tighten and tone vaginal walls to maintain that youthful honeymoon-fit.
  • Helps prevent infections which cause unpleasant odor, itchiness and discharge.
  • Refreshes, soothes, deodorizes and keeps the intimate area protected and comfortable. Even on days when you have your period.

Manjakani in this feminine wash helps to :-

  • Prevent darkening of the vulva cause by harsh soaps.
  • Treat vaginal infections and reduce abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Tighten and tone slack vaginal muscles cause by child-birth, menopause and ageing.

Kacip Fatimah (aka female Tongkat Ali) is rich in phyto-estrogens and isoflavones. Daily cleansing with this feminine wash helps to:

  • Tighten and tone vagina muscles .
  • Prevent infection, thus maintaining healthy vagina flora.
  • Relieve and soothes vaginal burning and dryness with is rich isoflavones.
1 bottle for USD35

Manjakani Love Gel

For post menopausal women, it is essential to stay sexually active. Why? Because being sexually aroused with or without a partner improves blood flow to the vagina keeping the tissues well lubricated and healthy.

This Manjakani gel reliefs vaginal dryness and burning. Intercourse can be very pleasurable with the application of this herbal vaginal lubricant.

Besides being a vaginal lubricant, this female rejuvenation gel tightens vagina muscles within 20 minutes after application. Thus heightening sensations and enjoyment for both partners. It will keep him wanting more!

1 tube for USD32;  2 for USD61,  3 for USD86 only!

Discount 5% for 2, 10% for 3

Another advantage of this Manjakani Feminine Gel is that it is a water-based lube.

It is best to avoid silicon or petroleum based lubrication. The residues from these products encourage the growth of bacteria which often leads to vaginal infection.

The disadvantage of non water-based vaginal lubrication is that they damage the latex in the condoms, rendering them useless against STDS and unwanted pregnancies.

Manjakani Plus Gel and vaginal moisturizers offer the best remedies for burning during intercourse. As they are made from all herbal ingredients there are no known side-effects.

Don’t suffer in silence and let vaginal burning jeopardize your relationship with your partner. Other than applying herbal remedies, help him to understand what is bothering you.

Show and tell him that more tenderness on his part, prolong foreplay and change of sex techniques and positions can diminish your discomfort and rekindle your passion in the bedroom.

With the aid of herbal solutions, the above tips and other recommendations from vagina burning remedies, sex shouldn’t be uncomfortable anymore.

However, if the pain persist and is severe it is important to consult a gynecologist to rule out the possibility STDs such as gonorrhea, or Chlamydia.

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