Libido Menopause
Get Your Sex Drive In Gear After 50

Sex after menopause? Why not? Just look at Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin in the movie, It's Complicated. Meryl Streep was so sexy for a woman going on sixty that her ex-husband (Alec Baldwin) couldn't keep his hands off her and eventually left his young wife to get back with Meryl again.

Well, so much for movies, let’s see what are the causes of libido menopause and how to overcome them.

Menopause and some surgical procedures, such as removal of the ovaries, can cause a reduction in sexual function by decreasing availability of the hormones - vaginal estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

These hormonal changes not only affect our libido but the anatomy of the vagina too. A drop in testosterone production results in low sex drive and the clitoris, which is part of the external vaginal anatomy is affected. It becomes less sensitive; as a result the body takes a longer time to respond sexually. Meanwhile, the low levels of estrogen cause vaginal dryness making intercourse painful.

Overcoming Libido Menopause

While menopausal changes are part and parcel of a woman’s life, there are quite a number of ways to overcome the symptoms of libido menopause. You can discuss with your doctor about using bio-identical estrogen, i.e. estrogen derived from plant sources and available in pills, creams, patches, sprays and vaginal tablets.

What about considering herbal remedies for vaginal dryness and boosting your libido after menopause? Thousands of women and couples in Malaysia have turned to eastern remedies to rekindle their love life. Manjakani pills and gels encourage the vagina to lubricate naturally, alleviate painful intercourse associated with thinning vagina walls and tighten the vagina muscles as well.

Manjakani vaginal tightening gel and pill can boost your desire for sex and help your vagina to lubricate naturally.
Choice of 4 Combinations

These two products from the loose vagina remedies range have worked very well for me and my customers. At fifty seven years old, libido menopause has never been an issue for me. More than ninety percent of my customers have attested that these herbal remedies has been a great help in bringing back the passion and excitement into their bedroom again!

Besides these physical factors, we, menopausal women should also consider the state of our relationship. Have we become too monotonous and entered a boring routine? What about our body image and self-esteem - are we shy about our not so youthful bodies? Health wise, are the medications we are taking for our health conditions affecting our libido?

Monotony and Routine

Complacency can set in to any relationship. For us women sex is not just the act itself. It includes intimacy, connection, communication and affection. If sex becomes routine in a relationship-at a fixed time, on a fixed day, with a fixed position – the fun and sizzle will quickly die out.

Intimacy and affection are very important for us. You have got to make your partner understand that talking, cuddling, snuggling or watching an erotic movie are great for creating the mood mentally and physically.

Also, don't be afraid to let your mate know what makes you hot. If he loves and want to please you, he shouldn't have any problems doing it your way.

Medical Conditions

Health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes and thyroid disorders are a contributing factor to low libido after menopause. This is because these conditions affect the hormone levels, blood flow and nerve signals in the body, all of which plays a role in women’s low sex drive.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes can be managed by lifestyle changes.

Losing weight, eating healthily, exercising regularly and taking time to relax can do wonders to your general health and menopausal libido.

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