Ease Menopause Symptoms Naturally

The severity of menopause symptoms varies from women to women. Some women (especially Japanese and Thai) have a very smooth and fuss-free transition to menopause.

For others, the years leading to menopause which is known as peri-menopause can be difficult to deal with as estrogen levels start to decline.

Peri-menopause varies for each individual. It can last from 2 to 5 years or longer. Within this time you might experience hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, fatigue, etc.

Why do Japanese and Northern Thai women hardly suffer from the symptoms of menopause?

Japanese women consume plenty of soy products-e.g. tofu and soy milk on a daily basis. Soy is rich in phyto (plant) estrogen. These plant estrogen mimic human estrogen.Hence, consumption of soy help to replenish declining estrogen and stabilize the fluctuating hormonal cycle.

Ease Menopause Symptoms With Pueraria Mirifica

For generations, women of Northern Thailand have taken a native herb called “Pueraria Mirifica” (PM for short) to maintain youthfulness and vigor well into their eighties. Believe it or not, these women still has black hair and young skin.

Pueraria Mirifica is a natural phyto-estrogen that offsets the dwindling levels of estrogen leading to myriad menopause symptoms. By taking Pueraria mirifica these women keep their estrogen levels balanced and sufficiently high.

Non-natives of Thailand will not know which Pueraria to take as there are over 13 types of Pueraria. Only the natives of Northern Thailand who had the knowledge from generations passed down to them can identify the correct Pueraria and the right dosage.

Pueraria Plus

menopause symptoms, hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, vaginal dryness
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But, now thanks to the research done by Bio Botanica Inc., USA, they are able to produce a supplement (Pueraria Plus) that contains a standardized extract made from the correct species of Pueraria Mirifica.

Bio Botanica which is a FDA-registered, pharmaceutically licensed GMP manufacturer have patented this most advance form of PM as Purestrol®.

According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Association of Thailand, menopausal women who took Pueraria Plus experienced reduced menopausal symptoms from severe to mild.

For a lot of women Pueraria Plus is a proven and safe alternative to HRT (Hormone Replacement Therpy) without the dangerous side-effects.

Besides easing menopause symptoms, Pueraria Plus also helps you to avoid these age-related issues:-

Sagging breasts –Enlarges and firms the breast from the inside out, giving you youthful looking breasts.

Hair loss - gives the estrogen you need to stop hair loss. Since hair follicles depend on estrogen, too little of this hormone can cause thin, dry and brittle hair, especially on the top of the head.

Dry, wrinkly and thin skin - Studies have shown that regular consumption of this natural extract gives you shinier, smoother skin by restoring collagen and developing new skin cells.

Vaginal dryness & lowered libidoPueraria Plus gets your body and mind ready for sex. It replenishes the estrogen that fuels your erotic capacity and desires, helping you feel relaxed, comfortable and sexy again.

Weight gain – When estrogen levels drop, it causes weight gain especially around the waist and abdomen because the body is trying to hold onto what little remaining estrogen. In short, if you have low estrogen level, you hardly could lose weight no matter what you try! Pueraria Plus can stop weight gain in its tracks.

Brain “fog”- When your hormones are out of whack, your brain is too. This supplement improves your thinking ability, concentration and memory.

Extreme fatigue – Northern Thai women well into their eighties still have the energy to chase their grandchildren around, thanks to PM. You can get the same benefit from Pueraria Plus.

Urinary incontinence –Supplementing with Pueraria Plus gives you better bladder control. No more urine leakage when you cough, sneezes, laugh or lift heavy objects.

With all these benefits, no wonder Pueraria Mirifica has been dubbed the “miracle maker” for women. Why not be a part of the miracle?

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