Knowing Your Vaginal Lubricants

Vaginal lubricants are used mainly to ease painful intercourse, making sex more pleasurable. They have a very slippery texture, just like a woman’s natural lubrication.

You do not need to use vaginal lubricants regularly. They are meant to be used as needed i.e just before or during sex. 

You can use the oil from a Vitamin E capsule as vaginal moisturizer and apply a feminine lubricant during sexual intercourse.

Apply the vagina lubricant shortly before making love, making sure that the vaginal opening, inner labia and clitoris are well lubricated. Lubricate your partner’s fingers, penis and sex toys too. Re-apply whenever it is needed.

Get your partner to use lubricated condoms as well as this will cut down friction and irritation.

Feminine lubricants can be water-based or oil-based.

Water-Based Vaginal Lubricants

For optimum vaginal health, always choose a water-based lubricant. Water-based vagina lubricants do not:-

  • Clogged up the vaginal glands
  • Disrupt the harmonious balance of vaginal flora
  • Compromise the condom's effectiveness.
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Oil And Petroleum-Based Feminine Lubricants

Oil based lubricants are not meant to be used for lubricating the vagina. They are commonly used for male masturbation and anal play.

Avoid them. The oil in these lubricants weakened latex in condoms and increase the chances that the condom might break. 

Furthermore, oil-based sex lubricants clog the Bartholin glands giving rise to vaginal bumps.

Never use petroleum jelly as a sexual lubricant either. Same goes for cocoa butter, regular butter and baby oil. These products remain inside the vagina and disrupt the harmonious balance of good and bad bacteria.

When the balance is disturbed, bacterial vaginoisis and candida or yeast infection occurs.

Achieving  Vaginal Lubrication Naturally

Besides applying vaginal lubricant, diet and lifestyle changes can help your vagina to lubricate naturally too. But you need to be patient as it will take months to see results.

Diet And Life Style Changes :-

  • Cut down on alcohol and smoking as studies have shown both habits can cause vaginal dryness.
  • Reduce your intake of coffee and carbonated drinks as they dehydrate the body. Besides, the basic requirement of eight glasses of water a day, you will need to compensate with another 2 cups of plain water for every cup of coffee you drank.
  • Avoid douching as the astringent ingredients in douches will worsen an already dry vagina.
  • Stay hydrated daily by drinking at least 8 glasses of plain water. When your body is hydrated, the vaginal lining will be moisturized too.
  • Eat more soy products and flaxseed as both these legumes have high amounts of phyto-estrogens that can help in vaginal lubrication.

Herbal Supplements

I know it is difficult for some of you to give up or adopt the above diet or life style changes.

If that's the case, you can take an oral supplement - the manjakani tonic pill (as shown) to achieve natural vaginal lubrication and tightening as well.

You swallow the tonic pill 3 times a day. Each time 2 pills with a cup of water. Over a period of 2-4 months, this tonic pill has proven to work wonders in restoring the thickness, tightness and moisture in the vaginal wall.

While waiting for the manjakani pills' effect to kick in, you can apply the Manjakani Vaginal Gel for instant vagina lubrication.

Manjakani tonic pill

Diet and lifestyle changes can gradually restore a measure of vaginal wetness.

Meanwhile, vaginal lubricants and tonic pills give you the freedom to be spontaneous whenever you are arouse sexually.

With the manjakani gel as your choice of lubricant for the vagina, you will be ready for romance anytime, anywhere!

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