Vaginal Exercisers

Giving your vagina a 'workout' with vaginal exercisers quickens the process of natural vaginal tightening. In fact, any woman can benefit from their use. It should be a part of your regular exercise program.

Strengthened vaginal muscles contribute to easier child birth, better sex and stronger orgasm.

These vagina exercising devices also make it easier for you to locate and isolate the proper pelvic floor muscles to work on. They enhance your kegels and you will get results faster.

Initially, if your muscles are weak, you might have to perform the exercise while lying down when you are using vaginal weights. In a short period of time you should be able to hold the weights while standing up.

Over time, you can discreetly have the exercisers inside your intimate area while going about your daily activities.  It does not interfere with your busy schedule at all!

You will be able to feel a difference within a few weeks with these vagina exercisers:

The Top 2 Popular Vaginal Exercisers:-

Kegel Ball Weight Sets

These weighted kegel balls are coated in smooth, luxurious silicone which is latex and phthalates free. They are waterproof and all have a finger loop for easy insertion. Hence you have worry free removal and complete peace of mind.

There are 3 graduated ball weights included in this set which are worn in the vagina. They help to tighten and tone the pelvic floor muscles, leading to an increased enjoyment of sex for you and your partner, as well as enabling stronger orgasms.

ben-wa balls, pleasure balls, vaginal tightening

Ben-Wa Balls (Geisha Balls)

These are also known as pleasure balls. They are made specifically to complement your Kegel exercises and weighted for an effective and pleasurable workout.

This is my favored vaginal exerciser as it combines both fitness and pleasure and I love the way the balls stimulates me internally.

You insert these kegel balls into your vagina with the help of vaginal moisturizers or lube. When you walk these little weighted balls wobble to and fro stimulating your vagina. It also acts as a reminder to squeeze pelvic floor muscles. So squeeze you do. Sometimes involuntarily, sometimes on purpose.

With these pleasure balls you will be doing kegels many more times than you might be otherwise. Hence improving vaginal elasticity, grip and bladder control.

These benwa, geisha or kegel balls can be worn during daily activity. It is a fun and discreet way to receive continual stimulation and more pleasurable sex. Who said exercising the vagina isn't fun!

Vaginal exercisers makes performing vaginal exercises simple, quick and even enjoyable. It hastens the strengthening of the pelvic or kegel muscles. The kegel muscles are those muscles that produce the intense sexual pleasure during female vaginal orgasms.

Improved vaginal tone increased the frequency and ease of achieving orgasms resulting in better sexual satisfaction for both partners.

To sum up, the above mentioned vagina exercising devices help to:-

  • Regain Your Youthful Vaginal Tone and Elasticity
  • Enhance Your Sexual Responsiveness.
  • Increase Your Satisfaction and Fulfillment of Sexual Intimacy.
  • Tighten, Tone and Restore Your Pelvic Floor Strength.
  • Prevent and Even Eliminate Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse .

Manjakani Vaginal Tightening Gel

If vaginal exercisers are not your cup of tea then, this Manjakani Gel might be what you looking for. This vagina tightening gel is convenient to use. Just apply 2-3 drops on your index finger and swipe it inside the vagina. You can feel the vagina tightening within 15-20 minutes after application. Just right after foreplay!

Vaginal exercisers needs time to be effective. You get instant results with vagina tightening gelManjakani Vaginal Tightening Gel

This vaginal tightening gel can effectively:-

  • Tone and tighten the vaginal muscle for that honeymoon fit and heighten intimate sensation for both partners.  Feel the effect within 15-20 minutes after application.
  • Ward off infections that may cause excessive discharge, itch and unpleasant odor.   
  • Restore woman's natural lubrication and promote healthier vaginal tissue health and elasticity. Use this gel for vaginal tightening if you have dry vagina.
  • Treat boil on the vaginal lip, including minor sores and bruises that occur on body parts with mucous membrane.

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Vaginal Tightening Wand (Virgin Stick)

Or you can choose this vaginal tightening wand.  You just need to insert this wand in the vagina for 3 minutes (maximum). Then withdraw. Feel the vagina tightening within 15-20 minutes.

The benefits of inserting this cigar-shaped wand or virgin stick into the vagina are:-

  • Feel the tightening effect within15-20 minutes after withdrawing the wand.
  • Stronger contraction of vaginal walls during intercourse, hence more intense sexual pleasures for both partners.  Your man will go crazy over your tightness!
  • More frequent and intense orgasms.
  • Eliminates excessive vaginal discharge, vaginal wetness, itching and odor.

You use this wand for vagina tightening if you have very wet vagina. By inserting the wand, your vagina will have the optimum wetness for that pleasurable grip on your man.

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