Vagina Tightening Herbs
All Natural Vaginal Looseness Treatment

The vagina tightening herbs mentioned here are in the formulations of the vaginal tightening pill, gel and wash.

Manjakani and pueraria mirifica are the "stars" for natural vagina tightening.

Other herbs such as gambir, akar serapat, daun jarak, turmeric and kacip fatimah are important "supportive casts" too.

The "Stars" Of  The Vagina Tightening Herbs

manjakani (oak gall) -vaginal tightening herbs

Manjakani (Oak Gall)

Manjakani is nature’s "gift to women.”  It helps restore mucousal tissue health. And reduce problems caused by thinning of vaginal walls such as painful intercourse.

Clinical trials have shown it is one of the most powerful vagina rejuvenation herbs It rejuvenates and tighten the erectile tissue of the vagina stimulating desire and sexual responsiveness in women.

Manjankani Xtra Tonic Pills

Do you notice that your partner cannot fill you snugly when you make love? Ever experience that his penis kept slipping out?

Well this could be due to a loose or too wet vagina.

Taking manjakani pills as a daily supplement can:-

  1. Enhance your vagina's "grip" on your partner's penis. Trust me. Both of you will feel the difference. 
  2. Get rid of excessive vaginal wetness. Hence no more vaginal itching and smelly vagina.
  3. Lighten the darkening of the skin in the groin area. For best results switch to a herbal feminine wash instead of synthetic ones.

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Pueraria Mirifica (White Kwa Krua)

This tuber contains exceptionally high concentrations of phyto (plant)-estrogen. It is excellent for stimulating the “Bartholon” glands in the vagina to release estrogen and restore women’s natural lubrication.

According to a study done by NCBI, Pueraria Mirifica has proven to alleviate vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy and painful intercourse in post menopausal women.

Other Vagina Tightening Herbs

For optimal results, the following herbs are added to the formulations of the vaginal tightening pills besides manjakani and pueraria mirifca.

Gambir - is a powerful astringent that consists mainly of antioxidants catechin and catechu tannin acid. It is use for excessive vagina discharge.

Daun Jarak- helps digestion and prevent constipation.

Akar Serapat- as the name depicts, sarapat means “tighten” in the Malay language. Malay women have used this loose vagina herb to contract vaginal muscles and uterus after childbirth. Better sexual enjoyment with their husbands

It also helps to firm up the breasts, tighten stomach muscles and strengthen pelvic muscles, thus preventing pelvic prolapse.

Turmeric – Turmeric is beneficial for irregular menstruation. Also prescribed for women after childbirth to stimulate and promote blood circulation. Its very strong antioxidant properties help to promote overall health and great skin.

Kacip Fatimah-Libido Booster

kacip fatimah herbal vaginal tightening wash
  • Tighten and firm up the muscles of the vaginal walls, restoring elasticity and improving muscle tone for a honeymoon fit.
  • Rejuvenate thinning vaginal walls, soothes minor tears and burns.
  • Constrict the vaginal walls after childbirth.
  • Reduce excessive vaginal discharge, itching and odor.
  • Regulates the menstrual cycle and ease menstrual cramps and backache.
  • Tightens stomach muscles to trim the waistline.
  • Firm up breast tissues.
  • Improve libido and overall vitality.

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Extracts of Sireh and White Pomegranate

Vagina Tightening Wand

vagina tightening wand

Other than manjakani, Sireh and Pomegranate  are the major herbs used in the formulation of the vagina tightening wand (Virgin Stick).

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Betel Leaf (Sireh) Extract

The time tested benefits of sireh:-

  • Natural antiseptic properties fights against vaginal infections which cause irritation, unpleasant odor and excessive discharge.
  • Astringent action helps to tone vaginal walls and tighten vagina muscles.

White Pomegranate Extract

The extract from white pomegranate has strong anti-bacterial properties which helps fight viruses and bacteria and boost the body's immune system.

From my feed backs and research, formulations that contain the above vagina tightening herbs are the most effective loose vagina remedies

No need for vagina tightening surgery which is the fastest growing (and one of the most expensive) medical procedures being asked for by women today!

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