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Vagina exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for better sexual sensation and vagina contractionsDiagram of location of the pelvic floor muscles

Okay, you must be wondering what is this vagina exercise that can tighten the vagina apart from the Kegel. Well it is referred to as the Vagina Sensation exercise by my friend.

The instructions were given to me when I was still single. She had adapted this exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles from a book on tantric sex. Now many years down the road (kids and age catching up) I have found it to be very effective in preventing vaginal looseness.

Of course, this exercise is done in conjunction with supplementing with my vaginal tightening pills.

First of all we need to understand that a loose vagina is due to weak pelvic floor muscles. So it makes sense that in order for a vagina sensation exercise to be effective it’s got to be able to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor .

The pelvic floor refers to all the muscles surrounding the vagina and anus. These muscles stretch in one direction between the coeyx to the pubic bone and crosswise between the 2 sitz bones. They form a web of muscles. In the center of this web is the perineum, which is situated between the anus and the vagina.

Please refer to diagram above to see the location of the pelvic floor muscles.

Vagina Exercise-Step By Step Guide

Well, enough of biology lessons. Here’s how you exercise the vagina...

1. Stand with your body weight equally balanced on both feet. Relax and contract the pelvic floor to build awareness in the vaginal cavity.

2. Slowly pull up and slowly relax with your attention focus on the perineum area. You can also give attention to the vagina muscles at the front or the anal muscles at the rear. While doing this vagina exercise it is important to relax the abdominal muscles and not pull in the tummy as we tend to tighten the abdominals unconsciously. A relax belly i.e. one that protrudes is of great advantage in that it maintains the balancing integrity of the arch in the lumbar spine.

3. Allow the stretch in the lumbar area to come through the relaxation of the abdominal muscles and not through the jutting out of the buttocks, which is a form of tension. Search for this balance within yourself and then consciously contract the muscles of the vagina for about 60 seconds of slow, rhythmic contractions. Slow means slow, you will find this quite an effort in the beginning.

With practice you can increase the number of contractions. If it is convenient, immediately lie down with eyes closed and rest for 5 to 15 minutes.

When you are familiar with this form of vagina exercise you can do it at any time of the day, wherever you are and in whatever you are doing. Make it a practice to bring awareness to the vaginal area and the belly and relax it. Tighten, relax, tighten, relax – no one will notice and it feels really good.

You can feel the benefit of this exercise probably after 3 to 4 months. The reward is worth it as you will have better sensations and contractions in your “secret place”. And each contraction is likely to result in ecstatic sexual satisfaction for both partners.

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Some women might find this vagina exercise difficult to follow.

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  1. Dampen the wand for easy insertion  into the vagina.
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  3. Swipe it inside the vagina for 3 minutes. Then withdraw slowly.

You are ready for the best sex ever!

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