Cure for Vaginal Odor

Natural cure for vaginal odor is the best alternative for antibiotics if you have recurrent bad vagina smell. Antibiotics are like “band aid” for vaginal health issues. It treats the symptoms but do not get to the root cause of the problem.

As home remedies for vaginal odor treats the underlying problems, there is less chance of a recurrence. 

It is normal for the vagina to have a “musky” smell. This muskiness is stronger during menses and after intercourse.

There are times where your vagina will smell "off" (not the familiar musky smell). With the cure for vaginal odor tips here, you will be back to your normal smell within a week

Home Remedies for Vaginal Odor

Tea Tree Oil  -  Tea tree oil’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties are a natural cure for vaginal odor and itching. Add 5-6 drops of tea tree oil in 16 fluid oz (0.5 litre) of water and use this to wash the vulva.

Yogurt  - Inserting a tampon dipped in plain yogurt into the vagina can get rid of “fishy vagina smell”. Take the tampon out after 15 minutes and rinse the vulva with cool water.

Epsom SaltAdd a cup of Epsom salt to your warm bath water and soak in the tub for 15-20 minutes. Other than a vaginal odor treatment, a warm Epsom salt bath soothes and relaxes tired muscles as well. You do not have to do this cure for vaginal odor treatment daily. Two to three times a week is enough.

Cure Odor with Good Vaginal Hygiene 

Probiotic Wash - Cleanse the vagina with soap free probiotic mousse. Do not douche or apply vaginal deodorant. Scented vaginal products and douching upset the harmoniously balance vagina flora. Disruption of vagina flora causes vaginal yeast infection which produce clumping and smelly vaginal discharge.

Probiotic Mousse

This is a  gentle and mild soap-free cleanser with Probiotic that helps to protect the delicate vaginal area. It contains herbal extracts of Kacip Fatimahm Sirih, Manjakani and Bisabolol that works synergistically to gently deodorize and soothe the vulva without irritation.

  • Probiotics help control the growth of harmful microorganism and restores the balance of microflora to prevent urogenital problems
  • Kacip Fatimah, Oakgall/Manjakani and Sirih have antifungal properties and helps to tone vaginal muscles.
  • Bisabolol acts as anti-irritant, providing moisture suppleness to the vagina
Probiotic Mousse

Underwear - Wear cotton underwear so that your vagina environs stay dry. Cotton absorbs moisture and allows better air circulation.

Silk, lycra and nylon panties retains moisture. A moist environment is good breeding ground for odor and bacterial infections.

Thongs – The string of a thong that sits at the butt crack tracks bacteria from the rectum towards the vagina. Wearing thongs for long periods may lead to vaginal infections. The signs of an infection are abnormal vagina odor and discharge.

So keep the fancy panties and thongs for nightwear and put on cotton undies when you go about your daily routine.

Wiping -  Wipe the genital area with unscented tissue or feminine wipes after peeing. You will feel more comfortable as the vagina and panties stay clean and dry.  And there will be less vagina odor.

Always wipe from front to back (from back of vagina towards anus) after passing stools. This cuts the risk of bacteria from the anus entering the vagina and causing an infection.

Remove vaginal hair – Vagina hair provides cushioning during intercourse and traps aromas that make us more sexually attractive to our partners.

But a thick and unkempt bush traps sweat, discharges and grime resulting in strong vaginal smell. Trimming your pubic hair regularly is one of the natural cure for vaginal odor.

Sexual hygiene – Bathe or at least wash your vagina after a romp in bed. There is strong vaginal smell when the genital fluids of both partners mingle.

Tampons – Menstruation is one of the causes of strong vaginal odor. Switching to a tampon can reduce the smell. Remember to change the tampon every 3-4 hours.

Food Is A Natural Cure For Vaginal Odor

Yogurt – Eating plain yogurt on a daily basis increase the good bacteria population in the vagina. Yogurt cuts down the risk of vagina infection. Thus it is a prevention for smelly vaginal odor.

Cholorophyll – Cholorophyll is another natural cure for vaginal odor. This green liquid is an internal deodorizer. Drink a glass of chlorophyll daily. Add 2 tablespoon of chlorophyll to your glass of water. Your vagina will have an appealing musky smell within 3 -4 weeks.

Pineapple – Just like cholorophyll, pineapple cuts down vaginal odor. Include it as your daily fruit intake for a nice smelling vagina everyday.

Home remedies can cure vaginal odor in about a week or two. See a doctor if symptoms persist. It could be a sign of more complicated vaginal problems which you will not be able to treat on your own.

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