Vagina Tightening Wand Testimonial

by Nicole
(Louisiana )

Guys, I would like to share my results. This vagina tightening wand really truly works. On my first insertion I could feel the tightness.

The moment I received the vagina wand I was very excited to try it out. The instructions on their website said to use it about 20 minutes before sex. As I will be seeing my boyfriend in a few days, I tried it out right away as a test run.

I followed the instructions to the T and after about 2 minutes I began to remove it. I had become so tight that I had to do a slight tug just to get it out.

I insert the vagina stick while I was in the shower. So once I took it out I wanted to insert a finger to see if I could feel the difference, and I couldn't even get one finger in without a struggle. WOW! I was completely taken aback.

I got intimate with my boyfriend two days later. I hadn’t used the vagina wand since but he could tell the difference straight away. He was absolutely amazed by my tightness! And I only used it for 2 minutes two days before and the effects were still there. Unbelievable!

I will probably have to use the wand once a week.

By the way, the company was prompt on acknowledging my order and they let me know the expected date of arrival of my purchase.

Grace reply:Thank you so much, Nicole for your great feedback.

This wand has been our top seller for the past three years and countless couples have written to us privately of how this amazing virgin stick has helped to improve their sex lives. This wand tightens the vagina and gives a clenching effect on the penis which drives the man crazy. They are addicted to their women now.

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Feb 14, 2017
How to store discreetly
by: JS

Sorry for this silly question. I have 4 kids... of them, 2 are capable of basic sexual knowledge. I would definitely feel embarrassed if they are to find out what the wand is for.

The instruction stated that the wand needed to be store dry, and we need to wash after usage....

I wonder how to store the wand discreetly, yet meeting all these requirement...

May 09, 2016
This Vagina Wand. It really works?
by: Abbygail

Must get one to surprise my boyfriend and take our bedroom activities a notch higher!

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