The Vagina Tightening Wand

by Kaylee Morris
(Leland, North Carolina, USA)



I don't know where to place this. Guess this is the right page to talk about the vagina tightening wand.

Okay let me tell you, people..... I was iffy on this one. I was attracted by the testimonials, but it's not "cheap". Anyway I figured I'd give it a whirl. After all, can you really put a price on beauty and youth?

Got the package in the mail last week and couldn't WAIT to try it out. For the past few months my boyfriend has been saying how I feel a little looser than normal"down there". I was a little peeved at his comment but I want him to be satisfied!

I would try to squeeze my PC muscles extra tight but I had a habit of holding my breath while clenching and would get light headed and dizzy and turned blue from lack of oxygen!

After reviewing several websites, I finally decided to take my problem seriously and purchased the vagina tightening wand from this site. I like it that they provide lots of information on vaginal health.

It totally WORKS! WOW! I like that it is made with natural herbs. No side-effects.

Just a simple stick-swirl-and VOILA! The first time I tried it I was a little cautious as I didn't know if I'd have an allergic reaction to the chemicals, so I stuck it in, did a quick swirly swab and that was it.

Felt a little tingly, but later that night he said he did feel a tad of a difference. But a TAD is not good enough. So last night I decided to bump it up a few notches.

I started turning that vagina stick around and around like I am using my electric eggbeater, ha, ha! Swirl, swirl, swab, swab. After about 15 min I withdrew it and decided to go test the results.

I will say, DEFINITELY in moderation. He tried and tried and it was like trying to stick a marshmallow into a keyhole. After an inch or so he said it was pinching the skin of his penis and it was squeezing too tight.

This product is AWESOME. Just be careful how long you leave it inside your love nest. Too little is not enough to tell the difference and too much will suffocate your partner's manhood.

Grace reply Yes, Don't go overboard , Kaylee. Insert the wand into the vagina for 2 minutes is enough and you will stay tight for the next 2 or 3 days!

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Feb 11, 2015
The Virgin Stick Works!
by: Jessica Payne

Yes, the vagina tightening wand is certainly awesome. My guy felt the difference the first time I used it. He couldn't have enough of me!

But you can add on the kegel clench off and on during intercourse, the size of your vagina is irrelevant; the effect is dynamite. I have applied the clench method when I was with a guy who had a rather small organ; it seems to level the playing field on both ends.

Another plus- tightening your vaginal muscles during orgasm actually intensifies the sensation and can open the door to those "multiple orgasms" most people only read about in porn mags. I recommend using the vagina tightening wand and my kegel clench technique for every woman.

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