Experiences - Love The Vagina Tightening Pills and I'm Tight Gel

by Suzanne
(North Carolina, USA)

Manjakani vagina tightening gel and I'm Tight Gel

Manjakani vagina tightening gel and I'm Tight Gel

Read Suzanne's feedback on the loose vagina remedies. She asked for advise on how to use the vagina tightening pills.

Here is my reply.

Swallow 2 pills each time with a cup of water after your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Most of my clients feel the tightness after 1-2 months. Take the pills consistently (2 pills, 3 times a day) for six months after which you can maintain the tightness with 2 pills a day.

Suzanne's feedback after taking the pills for one month.

Hi, Grace

Just want to tell you that the vagina tightening pills and gel has worked wonders. After nearly ten years of marriage, I finally enjoyed sex and not fear it. There is no more pain, less vagina dryness and my husband can penetrate me fully now.

At times, I feel horny and take the initiative to have sex. It pleases my husband so much.

The I'm Tight Gel helps in lubrication and tightens the vagina too.

By the way, the bust firming serum that you recommended is wonderful. My husband loves to massage it on my breast and he enjoys it as my breast is getting firmer by the day. I feel so much sexier and desirable. He couldn't be happier with me. Sex is so pleasurable for both of us now.

Your advice is invaluable. We have been to see many doctors about my vaginal dryness and lack of libido. Most of them have not been able to help much. Until my husband stumbled upon your website, we never knew such herbal vagina tightening and lubrication products existed. And I am so glad that he did.

Grace reply: The above feedback is a private correspondence between Suzanne and me. She has given me permission to publish it in the hope that other women who are facing the same situation as her would be encouraged to try herbal products as an alternative treatment.

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May 28, 2014
The Vagina Pill And Gel
by: Helina

Yes, the vagina pill and gel has helped to solve my problem down there too.

I love that this site has lots of information on vaginal health and it is written in an informal style. She makes the subject of discussing issues below the belt less embarrassing.

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