Painful Intercourse Solutions.
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I believe that every woman can find their own painful intercourse solutions provided they don’t take it for granted that sex is painful after menopause and are willing to explore different solutions to solve the problem.

ST Virgin Cream-solution for painful intercourse

Solutions for painful sex can be as simple as letting your partner know what pleases you, change of sexual positions and more foreplay.

Or if you are suffering from vaginal dryness, herbal supplements and gels can gradually restore vaginal lubrication and make sex pleasurable again.

Let me elaborate on the above:-

Talking It Out

Sometimes men don’t understand why a woman isn’t as aroused as they are and women are shy to talk about it. Learn to communicate with each other. Women should let their partner know how and where they like to be touched.

Guys should learn to be sensitive to their partner’s needs and ask if what you are doing feels good to them or not. Ladies, be honest in your answer. If you are embarrassed to talk, show him how by leading his hand or mouth along.

Focus on foreplay

Usually women take longer to be physically aroused and foreplay can help. Hey, foreplay need not even start in the bedroom!

Start the day by putting on wicked lingeries underneath your working attire, send erotic messages to each other during the day and capping it off with a romantic dinner are great prelude to a passionate night in bed.

A well lubricated vagina is one of the best painful intercourse solutions. Why? The uterus is pulled upwards making more room in the vaginal canal, thus reducing the chances the penis will hit the neck of the uterus during deep thrusting.

Changing Sexual Positions

Certain sexual positions can cause some discomfort. Generally, positions that allow a woman to control the pace, e.g. like woman on top tend to be more comfortable for a sufferer of painful intercourse.

Experiment with different positions to see what works for both of you.

Enhance Lubrication with Manjakani Supplements and Female Rejuvenation Cream

Save US$7.00

Herbal supplements such as manjakani tonic pills have been the painful intercourse solutions of choice for myself and the customers in my retail outlet in Ipoh.

For the past 8 years, more than 90% of my customers have reported that this manjakani supplement help to ease menopause vaginal dryness, thus eliminating painful intercourse.

Be consistent, over a course of 6 months sex will gradually get better and more pleasurable as the vagina starts to naturally lubricate and tighten up as well.

If you are not a big fan of pills, then I would recommend you use ST Virgin Cream. This is one of the best topically applied painful intercourse solutions that I and my customers have also been using.

Just gently massage this lubricating cream in the vaginal opening before intercourse. Besides easing vaginal dryness, you will feel a rush of sensuousness (causing lubrication to flow) and a tightening of the vagina walls within 20 minutes after application.

Natural lubrication and tightening of the vagina will usually be restored through continuous use of the cream for 6 months.


Research shows that vibrators may help to decrease vaginal pain. Look for one designed to stimulate the clitoris.

I prefer Simply Pleasure's vibrators which is curved to hug the G-spot and stimulate the clitoris simultaneously. It will have you over the moon!

By adopting one of the above painful intercourse solutions or a combination of them, sex should be very pleasurable.

But if penetration still hurts, I suggest you see a gynecologist to determine whether you have vulvodynia - a condition characterized by chronic pain around the vagina opening for which there is no identifiable cause. Your gynecologist can recommend the treatment options available to lessen the pain.

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