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Too Embarrassing To Talk About?

Discreet solutions for vaginal health problems

Yes, discussing vaginal health is embarrassing for a majority of women. 

A recent survey found that nearly half of the women were pretty up-tight  to talk about vaginal health issues.  In fact, two thirds of the women interviewed admitted they felt uncomfortable saying the word “vagina” .

Think about it. Isn't the vagina as much a part of us as any other organ in our body? So, it is high time we stop being shy or embarrassed to talk about it!

Other than shyness, very few woman are familiar with the inner workings of their vagina. This is especially true in Asian societies where intimate and sexual issues are considered taboo subjects.

We have the tendency to ignore, neglect and avoid discussing this very part that make us woman. 

Be Alert To Changes In Your Vagina

The first step towards good vaginal health is knowing what is normal for your vagina and what is not.

On the pages of Vaginal Health Guide Remedy, I will help you to:-

  • Get to know your vagina so that you will be sensitive to any changes that occur.
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of all your vaginal problems and how to prevent and treat them holistically with herbal or homeopathic remedies.

As a consultant and distributor of herbal feminine health and bigger breast products for more than a decade, my clients trusted my advice and product recommendations.

To earn their trust and faith in me, it is essential for me to keep abreast of vaginal and women’s sexual health issues through continuous research, reading and attending seminars.

The information I am sharing here are the knowledge accumulated from these researches and seminars. 

Common Vaginal Health Problems

Considering that the vagina is a part of the body that we pay so little attention to, there are surprisingly a lot of factors that can affect the state of the vagina and increase the risk of problems.

The most common problems effecting women that can lead to embarrassment or anxiety are :- 

Vaginal Discharge – Know the color, smell and consistency of normal and abnormal discharge and the treatment for excessive vaginal discharge.

Vaginal Itching - This can be a very unpleasant and embarrassing symptom and many women suffer in silence. Do not despair. This is treatable with home remedies or the vagina wand.

Vaginal Odor - A fishy or unpleasant smell from the vagina can impact a woman's self-esteem and confidence, especially during sex. Feel fresh and confident all day with the Kacip Fatimah Herbal Wash or the Probiotics Mousse.

Vaginal Boils, Cysts and Pimples – Good vaginal hygiene can prevent the occurrence of boils and pimples and learn how to make a turmeric paste to soothe an inflamed boil.

Painful Sex - Pain during sex can be very distressing for women and have a significant impact on their happiness, self-esteem and their relationship with their partner. Our painful intercourse solutions have helped many women to enjoy sex again.

Low Libido  -  Low libido is a problem many women find difficult to talk about and so are unlikely to seek help. Don’t worry. There are solutions you can do in the privacy of your own home to revive your sexual desire again.

Vaginal Looseness - Most women did not realize that they can regain vaginal tightness without spending a fortune on vaginal surgery. On this site, I am introducing to you four vaginal rejuvenation/health products that can help to discreetly solve most of your problems "below the belt".

Vaginal Anatomy –Knowing the anatomy of our vagina well is the first step to good vaginal health. When we are familiar with our genitals, we can take immediate action when something is not right ‘down there”.

Vaginal Infection – Learn what causes the inflammation of the vaginal wall. The symptoms and how to treat the infection holistically.

Care For Your Vagina

We go for facials, manicures and pedicures, but hardly spare a thought for our vaginas until something goes wrong. If we pay so much attention to our face, hands and feet, why shouldn’t we do the same for the vagina?

Just like the face, there are moisturizers, cleansers and supplements to keep our vagina healthy and young too.

Women's Sexual Health

When something is not right with the vagina, it can affect your overall health and well-being.

Without a doubt, vaginal problems will primarily affect your fertility, desire for sex and ability to reach orgasm.

If these vaginal health issues persist without being treated, they can also have a negative impact on your marriage or relationship.

The loose vagina remedies suggested here can definitely help to bring back the "spark” and passion in your bedroom.

However, if you have serious vaginal health issues such as abnormal bleeding or severe abdominal pain, do not put off going to the doctor. Go for a check-up immediately!

It is worth fighting through the shyness to avoid complications which could be life threatening.

Take your time to see the solutions and information I shared. You will be more acquitted with your vagina after every visit to my site. And, I hope, eventually you will feel at ease saying “vagina” when you next visit the doctor.

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