Vaginal Health
Too Embarrassing To Talk About?

vaginal health guide and herbal remedies

Do not be shy or embarrassed to talk about your vaginal health – it is as much a part of us as any other organ in our body.

However, very few woman are familiar with the inner workings of their vagina. This is especially true in our Asian society where intimate and sexual issues are considered taboo subjects.

It saddened me that many women neither voice out their concern nor get appropriate answers about their vaginal health.

They have the tendency to ignore, neglect and avoid discussing this very part that makes them woman.

We go for facials, manicures and pedicures, but hardly spare a thought for our vaginas until something goes wrong. If we pay so much attention to our face, hands and feet, why shouldn’t we do the same for the vagina?

Hence, we should change this attitude and be more proactive concerning the health of our "lady part".

Considering that the vagina is a part of the body that we pay so little attention to, there are surprisingly a lot of factors that can affect the state of the vagina and increase the risk of problems.

On top of the list of common vaginal health problems are vaginal infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). STDs cause abnormal discharge and sores on the genital area, so be wary of the changes and check with your gynecologist immediately.

Vaginal infections affect the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina leading to inflammation, abnormal and smelly vaginal discharge and itching.

Women's Sexual Health

The vagina plays a central role in a woman’s sexual pleasure. Unfortunately, childbirth, menopause and aging cause the vagina muscles to become weaker and less “elastic” leading to loss of sensation during sex.

Drop in vaginal estrogen levels during these milestones in our lives can also cause the lining of the vaginal wall to become thinner and less lubricated making sex painful.

Be Alert To Changes "Down There"

The first step towards good vaginal health is knowing what is normal for your vagina and what is not. This site will help you to get to know your vagina so that you will be sensitive to any changes that occur.

I will also help you to recognize the signs and symptoms of all your vaginal problems and how to prevent and treat them holistically through herbal or homeopathic remedies.

I have been a consultant and distributor of herbal feminine health and bigger breast  products since 2002.

Giving the best advice and recommending the correct products to solve my clients problems is of utmost importance to me.

Therefore, it is crucial to research, read up and attend seminars on women's sexual health in my line of work.

The information I am sharing here are the knowledge accumulated from these researches and seminars. As this is an ongoing process, this site will be updated on a regular basis.

Vaginal health problems can have a negative impact on our relationships, well-being and self-confidence. 

Ladies, let me stress it again. Do not be shy to talk to your doctor if you feel something is not right “down there”. Just because it is out of sight doesn’t mean it should be out of mind too!

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