Vaginal Lubrication
How To Achieve Vaginal Wetness

Vaginal lubrication is a unique feature of the female genital. During arousal two things happen. A clear slippery fluid begins to emerge in the mucous membrane of the vagina and blood circulation increases.

Women in their twenties and thirties are usually aroused within 10-30 seconds after effective physical or psychological stimulation starts. Older women in their fifties might need a longer time probably between 1-3 minutes to begin sexually excited.

As sexual excitement builds up the extensive network of blood vessels in the tissues surrounding the vagina becomes engorge with blood. And the droplets of clear fluid fuse to form a slippery coating to line the walls of the sexually aroused vagina.

Functions Of Vaginal Lubrication

Vaginal secretions has two functions:-

1. It serves to enhance the possibility of conception

The alkaline nature of the vaginal lubrication alters the normally acidic state of the vagina, thus creating a conducive situation for the sperm to travel faster and survive longer in this alkalized environment.

2. It heightens sexual enjoyment for both partners

The slippery fluid enhances sensuousness and pleasure when the intimate area is manually or orally stimulated. When our "secret place" is orally stimulated by our partner, without a doubt it will drive us to sheer ecstasy. For our partner, the erotic scent and taste of the vaginal secretions adds fuel to his arousal.

During intercourse, a well lubricated vagina with its slippery walls allows the penis to enter easily and the thrusting is enjoyable and pleasurable for both partners.

On the other hand, penile penetration is difficult when there is a lack of lubrication or vaginal dryness. His thrusting becomes very uncomfortable for us.

Through my experience, the lack of vaginal fluid is a source of frustration for both partners. Why?

I don’t know about you ladies. Sometimes when the secretions won’t flow, the not so pleasurable thrusting makes me wish that my husband will quickly get over with it.

On his part lack of lubrication makes it hard for him to climax so he has to thrust longer. Continuous thrusting for more than half an hour usually diminish the strength of his erection.

Yes, that is why lack of vaginal wetness is frustrating for both of us. On top of that vaginal dryness coupled with prolonged thrusting causes small tears to appear inside the vulva and also vaginal burning during sex.

Well, the good news is that lack of lubrication should not be a hindrance to an enjoyable sex life. There are easy ways to get the vagina well lubricated without resorting to drug treatment.

ST Virgin Cream For Vaginal Lubrication & Tightening

ST Virgin Cream-Vaginal Lubrication, Tightening and libido booster
2 tubes for US$72

ST Virgin Cream, an herbal remedy with manjakani and pueraria mirigica is a safe, fast and effective solution to achieve vaginal wetness.

This Cream is a 3 in 1 treatment. It acts as a vaginal lubricant,  tightener and libido booster. It contains powerful vaginal tightening herbs that tone and tighten vaginal muscles within 10 minutes of application.

Vaginal Tightening Pill

manjakani  pill-vaginal lubrication and tightening

For permanent results, you can complement the usage of ST Virgin cream with the manjakani tonic pill.

Over a period 0f 2 - 4 months the rich blend of nutrients in this pill-tannin, vitamin A and C, calcium, iron, protein, carbohydrates, gallic and tannic acids help to:-

  • Tighten and firm up the muscles of the vaginal walls, restoring elasticity and improving muscle tone for a honeymoon fit.
  • Rejuvenate thinning vaginal walls, soothes minor tears and burns.
  • Constrict the vaginal walls after childbirth.
  • Reduce excessive vaginal discharge, itching and odor.
  • Regulates the menstrual cycle and ease menstrual cramps and backache.
  • Tightens stomach muscles to trim the waistline.
  • Improve libido and overall vitality.
Choose your Quantity Options

Or you rather prefer other alternative ways to get your "juices"  flowing naturally,  do check out my top three treating vaginal dryness recommendations here.

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