Vaginal Dryness Treatments

There’s no doubt that getting the right product for vaginal dryness treatments is a subject close to our hearts. Each and every one of us do suffer from lack of vaginal lubrication some time in our lives.

There are many causes to vaginal dryness such as stress, breast feeding, drop in vaginal estrogen level either through natural or surgical menopause, etc.

Many of us we will be wondering how we can have better sex when our bodies wouldn't cooperate. When the vagina is not as well lubricated as it used to be.

Well, no need to despair yet!. There are natural remedies to treat vagina dryness effectively. The following three vaginal dryness treatments can help to start your love juice flowing again.

Manjakani Gel (Vaginal Moisturizer & Tightening Gel)

Manjakani Feminine Gel is the best instant treatment for vaginal dryness or painful intercourse due to lack of lubrication. In fact, the potential benefits of vaginal lubricant or moisturizers extend beyond the immediate, short term effects.

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Using artificial lubrication will start off a chain-reaction that can trigger the natural lubrication again. Don’t get what I mean? Okay, let me put it this way.

Initially artificial lubrication helps to make sexual intercourse pleasurable again. This will of course lead to more frequent love making.

More sex and arousal result in better blood circulation to the intimate area. The vaginal tissues are getting healthier as they are regularly engorged with blood. A healthy vagina will in due course start lubricating on its own again.

So, treating vaginal dryness by applying vaginal lubricant  is one of the easiest ways to induce our love nest to release its own natural secretions.

There are two ways to use Majakani Feminine Gel. Apply it yourself and surprise your partner. Or invite your partner to apply it for you. It can be a very good turn on for him too and can be incorporated as part of a couple’s foreplay.

Vaginal Dryness Treatments - Erotic Fiction

Erotica is a quick and powerful solution to awaken our desire for sex. While the female sex organ is the place where sex happens, don’t overlook the fact that for us women, the number one pleasure spot in our body is located in the brain.

Words are very potent – our bodies respond to it. So stimulate your mind with erotic fiction either alone or as a couple and see if your body doesn’t respond to it!

Seductive Lingerie

Sexy lingerie is another effective way of getting the vaginal lubrication flowing. Seeing you in erotic lingerie will get him aroused in no time at all. For us the feel of the material and viewing that sexy image at various angles in the mirror is a surefire way to get the vaginal secretions flowing.

Here’s an anecdote: A friend mentioned that she and her husband have not been making love for a couple of months.

They don’t have any marital problems. While we were chatting, I saw her panties on the clothesline and was aghast! Omg, it is not a panty. An apt description would be a grandmotherly and grey underpants!

So I suggested that the solution might be for her to revamp her undergarments with sexy panties and kinky lingerie. Last I heard from her, they are making love passionately a few times a week.

Moral of the story – be a femme fatale with seductive lingerie and vaginal moisturizer/tightening cream. Slinky sensuousness, wetness between the legs and the lust in his eyes and bulging crotch are the best ways to ignite the flame of love.

Lack of lubrication or vaginal wetness is not a problem caused by lack of desire. Therefore it is easy to solve with the above 3 vaginal dryness treatments.  These herbal remedies are great ways to get your body into the mood and bring that sizzle back into your love life again.

I usually combine either 2 methods of vaginal dryness treatments together for maximum effect! Play around with the combinations to find which one will easily get your vaginal lubrication flowing. Abundantly!

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