Vagina Discharge
Is Watery Vaginal Mucus Normal?

It is normal for women of childbearing age to have vagina discharge. In Asian communities it is often referred to as "white discharge". It begins from the onset of puberty and ends after menopause.

Watery vaginal discharge has two functions.

  1. It keeps your vagina clean and healthy. The secretions help to remove dead cells, mucus and bacteria from the vagina. Thus, the vagina is self-cleaning.
  2. The acidic pH of the discharge prevent the over population of yeast in the vagina. Therefore, white discharge acts as a shield against infections in the vagina and uterus.

It is normal to have about one to two teaspoons of discharge daily. It can be clear or milky, white and odorless. When the white vaginal discharge is exposed to air, it leaves a white or slightly yellow patch on the panties.

 Vaginal Discharge Causes

Watery, clear, thick or stretchy vagina discharge during ovulation is normalEgg-white vagina discharge

It is normal to have clear, watery, thick or stretchy vagina discharge during the following phases:-

Vaginal discharge during ovulation :-  As you near ovulation (12-16 days after the start of your menstruation) vaginal mucus becomes more slippery and wet. It looks and feels like raw egg white. You can stretch the discharge between two fingers

If you planning to get pregnant, this egg white discharge is your most fertile stage as the sperm can easily swim into the cervix and fertilize an egg.

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy :- Changes in vagina secretions can be as early as one to two weeks after conception. Even before you noticed that you have missed your period. As your pregnancy progresses the clear vagina mucus becomes thicker and increase in quantity. It is heaviest near the end of your pregnancy.

Sexual Excitement :- When you are sexually aroused, the Bartholin glands along the vaginal walls release much more fluid. It is nature’s way of preparing your body for pleasurable sex.

Birth Control Pills :- Some birth control pills may contain progestin. This synthetic hormone can over stimulate your cervix, causing it to produce more watery vaginal discharge.

Emotionally stressed :- Stress cause hormonal imbalance in your body. Your vagina is not spared. Most women experienced heavy vaginal discharge when they are feeling stressed.

Brown /Blood Streaked Vagina Discharge

During and immediately after menstruation, your vagina sheds endometrial cells. At this phase, you might notice blood streaks and clots in the discharge. This is normal.

And a day or two after your period has stopped, you will have brownish discharge which could be dark brown and slippery. This is okay as old blood looks brown.

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

It is abnormal if your vagina discharge suddenly differs in:-

  1. Quantity  - increases or decreases in amount.
  2. Color  - greyish, **green, yellow or brown in color**.
  3. Viscosity - frothy, or thick and pasty resembling cottage cheese.
  4. Smell  - foul smelling or 'fishy vaginal odor'.

**Yellow or light green vaginal discharge which is thick and smelly could be trichomoniasis (trich) which is a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

If the abnormal discharge comes with vaginal itching, swelling, burning and inflammation, you could be having bacterial vaginosis or vagina yeast infection.

Abnormal Vagina Discharge - Home Remedies

If it is a mild infection, you can try the following home remedies:-

  • Swipe the vulva with pads of cotton wool soaked in a warm brine solution. One tablespoon of mineral salt to 4 cups of water) several times a day. Or try the sitz bath.
  • Dip a clean tampon in plain yogurt and insert into the vagina two or three times a day to ease the itching. Leave the tampon inside the vagina for about 20 minutes. After which you withdraw the tampon and rinse the vulva with cool water.

You can try these two home remedies for two to three days. But if the symptoms persist, do see a doctor.

Herbal Remedies - Manjakani Pills & Vagina Wand

Excessive vaginal discharge can be a big sexual turn off. 

Countless women are using these two products to get rid of excessive vaginal wetness. Their sex lives has got so much better.

Thick white vaginal discharge that is not caused by a vaginal infection, can be treated with the manjakani tonic pills. It is an oral supplement which can reduce the discharge over a period of 3 to 6 months.

The manjakani pill tighten vagina muscles as well. With your strong grip of his manhood, of course sex will be much more pleasurable!

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Vagina Wand

vagina wand to get rid of vaginal discharge

Or you can insert the vaginal wand into the vagina. Swipe it inside the vagina for about 3 minutes . Do this 3 to 4  times a week.

The wand will get rid of excessive vagina wetness, odor and itching. It will tighten vagina almost instantly too! 

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