Stop Vaginal Odor

From my experience, the best ways to stop vaginal odor are through:-

  • proper vaginal hygiene
  • herbal supplements
  • home remedies
  • diet change

Let me elaborate on these four points:-

Vaginal Hygiene

Practicing good vaginal habits is your best defense against odor, irritations and infections in your vagina. 

Wash the vaginal area with unscented and mild soap daily. Scented feminine hygiene products only serve to mask the bad vagina odor. It worsens the situation if you have a vaginal infection.

Clean and Dry VaginaKeeping your vagina clean and dry is an effective way to stop vaginal odor as bacteria cannot thrive in a clean, dry place. Wash your vagina with lukewarm water or wipe with unscented feminine wipes after peeing. Then wipe dry with a terry cloth towel.

Cotton UnderwearWear cotton panties and change it at least once a day. Synthetic fibers (lycra and spandex) retain moisture, allowing odor-causing bacteria to thrive. Cotton underwear absorbs sweat, making it less conducive for bacteria to grow, hence less vagina smell.

DouchingDo not douch. This may actually push the bacteria further into the vagina giving rise to further complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

Pubic Hair RemovalPubic hair traps bacteria, sweat, discharges and grime which cause bad vagina smell. The odor is stronger when you are wearing tight jeans all day long. Trim pubic hair regularly. If you have a thick growth, consider removing some of the hair.

TamponsIf you have strong vaginal odor during your period it is better ti use tampons. as it traps menstrual smells better. And do change them every 3 to 4 hours to avoid smelly vaginal odor.

Sexual HygieneVaginal odor is stronger  and more obvious when the genital secretions and sweat of both partners are left to linger after sex. Bathing after sex is essential in getting rid of vaginal odor.

Urinating immediately after sex may also help to cleanse the area by pushing out any secretions.

Supplement - Manjakani Pills

manjakani pill

This manjakani pill, taken orally can help to stop vaginal odor caused by excessive white discharge  You will also have more energy, better sex drive and a tighter vagina too.

Swallow 2 pills each time, 3 times a day with a glass of warm water.

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Stop Vaginal Odor with Vagina Wand (Virgin Stick)

Stop vaginal odor with Manjakani pill and vagina wandvagina wand

Women all over the world are using this vagina wand to get rid of excessive vaginal discharge and odor.

This wand not only stops vagina odor but tightens the vagina as well. It has been used by the women of Madura for centuries to enhance sexual relations with their husbands.

Just swipe the wand for about 3 minutes inside the vagina. You can see the white discharge sticking around it. Your vagina will tighten in about 15 minutes.

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Customers who follow my advice and use this combo set to stop vaginal odor have attested to their effectiveness. I have full confidence that they will work for you too.

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Here's Teresa's testimonial

“I guess my husband is the happiest person after I got rid of my vaginal odor and discharge and my hot and tight vagina is driving him CRAZY” He felt the difference the first time I use this virgin stick and nowadays he wants 2 rounds a night."

Teresa, Buffalo, New York

Change your diet to stop vaginal odor

Eat a cup of plain yogurt daily. Yogurt helps to increase the lactobacillus (good bacteria) in the vagina. It will reduce the occurrence of vaginal infections that cause bad vaginal odor.

Cut down on refined carbohydrates, sugar and caffeine, e.g. white bread, fast food, beer, coffee and carbonated drinks. The yeast in these foods will worsen vaginal yeast infection (candida) or cause a recurrence for constant sufferers of candida.

Home Remedies

Tea Tree Oil - Tea tree oil’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties are a natural remedy for stopping vagina odor and itching. Add 5-6 drops of tea tree oil in 16 fluid oz (0.5 litre) of water and use this to wash the external vaginal anatomy.

YogurtInserting a tampon dipped in plain yogurt into the vagina can get rid of the “fishy smell” associated with bacterial vaginosis. Remove the tampon after 15 minutes and rinse your vagina with cool water.

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