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Hello, I am Grace Wong from the serene city of Ipoh, Malaysia. Ipoh is located in the Kinta Valley and was once a thriving tin mining town and is a half-way stop between Penang in the north and Kuala Lumpur in the south.

First of all I would like to say thank you for visiting my vaginal health guide and remedy site. Your daily presence is a great encouragement for me to continue researching and updating it with new contents regularly.

What Prompted Me To Compile A Guide On Vagina Health?

Like many women I was shy to talk about issues affecting the intimate area. Then in 2008 I opened my women's health care store. Many of  my customers started to share their vaginal health problems with me. After some time I overcame my embarrassment and felt at ease talking about vaginal health.

My boutique style store retails a wide range of products.  They include:-

  • Herbal health supplements
  • Natural skin care
  • Breast firming and enlargement cream
  • body shaping gels
  • vaginal health products.

Most of my customers are interested in the vagina care range, which are:–

  1. Vagina tightening pills 
  2. Manjakani feminine wash
  3. Vagina tightening wand
  4. Vagina tightening Gel

Unlike a pharmacy which can be quite impersonal, my shop provides personal service. My customers can choose and buy their products in a relax and private atmosphere.

They feel at ease asking questions about the above vaginal health products. Or have discussions with other shoppers about their intimate health experiences.

To give the best service to my shoppers, it is my responsibility to give the most appropriate advice.

Hence I started my quest to learn and research on vaginal health. Over the years I have accumulated much knowledge and notes on the subject. This led me to consider about a website focusing on the health of the vagina where I could:-

  • Provide discreet solutions for vagina dryness, looseness and excessive wetness
  • Share my knowledge and experiences
  • Provide a platform for women all over the world to share their stories or concerns "below the belt".

Building My Website-Vaginal-Health-Guide-Remedy.com

By chance, I came across a company called SBI (Solo Build It).  SBI enables anyone with a passion to build a website and a successful e-business. To be honest, before encountering SBI I have tried building a website. But the process was too overwhelming as I am not a technical or computer savvy person. 

Fortunately, SBI is created for a novice and a non-technie like me. Without any computer programming skills, I am able to create this site, about a subject I am passionate about ... vaginal health.

You, too, can  venture to make your own site about your passion. SBI provides you all the tools required to make your website. By following their Action Guide you can build a site from just an idea.

With this website I hope I am able to guide and provide a remedy or solution for your your vaginal health issues.

Stay In Touch

This is still a young site and I will be adding more things as we go along so visit often and bookmark me!

If you have suggestions or concerns please get in touch with me by filling up the form below. I would love to hear from you.

Warmest regards from me,

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