Loose Vagina Remedies
Natural Vaginal Tightening For That Honeymoon Fit!

Reverse loss of elasticity with these loose vagina remedies and be tighter than ever. And you can do it naturally without surgery or drugs!

The herbal remedies for vaginal looseness featured here are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers/associates from around the world.

Vaginal Looseness Products You Can Trust

You can buy with confidence as I will be the first to test the effectiveness of the products and the side-effects(if any)before their launch.

The Manjakani pills is the supplement that helps to diminish my menopausal symptoms tremendously. I have been consuming it more than 10 years. Definitely no painful sex after menopause.

It is my wish that every woman who use or consume these loose vagina remedies will:-

  • rekindle her ardor and passion.
  • recapture her youth and confidence of her womanly charms again!

Your Choices Of Loose Vagina Remedies

Manjakani Vaginal Tightening Pills (150 Pills x 200mg)

Vaginal tightening pill for stronger vaginal mucles

"Manjakani" rejuvenates the vaginal muscular cells with a rich blend of nutrients that help to:-

  • Tighten and firm up the muscles of the vaginal walls, restoring elasticity and improving muscle tone for a honeymoon fit.
  • Rejuvenate thinning vaginal walls, soothes minor tears and burns.
  • Constrict the vaginal walls after childbirth.
  • Reduce excessive vaginal discharge, itching and odor.
  • Regulate the menstrual cycle and ease menstrual cramps and backache.
  • Tighten stomach muscles to trim the waistline.
  • Firm up breast tissues.
  • Improve libido and overall vitality.

Click here to learn more

1 bottle for USD28; 2 for USD50, 3 for usd68 only!

Quantity Discount Options

vaginal tightening wand to eliminate excessive vagina wetness and tightens vagina for a better grip

Virgin Stick (Tongkat Ajimat Madura)

The women of Madura use this vagina tightening wand to:-

(The wand is to be inserted into the vagina and then withdrawn after 3  minutes). Whether to use a white or black color wand, click here

1 box for USD28; 2 boxes for USD50 only!

Colors (White, Black) & Quantity

Manjakani & Kacip Fatimah Feminine Wash

herbal feminine wash with kacip fatimah for natural vagina tightening

Formulated with vagina tightening herbs - Manjakani and Kacip fatimah, this soap free, gentle foaming wash:-

  • tightens the vagina.
  • prevents infection.
  • keep the intimate area deodorize, refresh and comfortable all day. Learn More...

Normal Price : US30.00 per bottle/180ml

10% discount - Buy 2 bottles for USD55.00 only!

1 bottle for USD29
2 bottles for USD55 Only

Manjakani Vaginal Tightening Gel (20g)

If you are not into ingesting pills, this manjakani and pueraria mirifica gel is everything you need in one proven, easy to apply formula.

A vagina tightening and lubrication gel all rolled into one.

Enjoy more sex, better sex with Manjakani Vaginal Tightening Gel  Learn more...Click Here

1 tube for USD22; 2 for USD40, 3 for USD55 only!

Quantity Discount Options

skin lightening cream, lighten bikini line, lighten pubic area

Intense Skin Lightening Cream

Well, not one of my loose vagina remedies, but this is an essential product for improving the skin tone around the vaginal area.

I use this cream religiously to lighten darkened skin patches around the bikini lines, inner thighs, cleavage, underarms or any part of the body that needs lightening.    Learn More...

Normal Price USD35

10% off Normal Price

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For detailed information on each product go to FAQ and vagina tightening herbs.

Note : Worldwide delivery for all products. Western Union & Money Gram is acceptable besides Paypal.

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"After 3 kids my husband said my “love nest” is not as tight as before, so I bought both the vaginal tightening pill and gel. After 2 weeks my husband says I give him a fantastic time in bed. Thanks so much. Your products have given me back my confidence as a woman and wife."

Corruth Johnson, England

I guess my husband is the happiest person after I got rid of my vaginal odor and my hot and tight vagina is driving him CRAZY” He felt the difference the first time I use this virgin stick and nowadays he wants 2 rounds a night."

Cat, Suffolk, USA

I love the product already. I never knew something like this manjakani pill exists. So I have 2 bottles (2 mths supply) right. So I will be ordering more in the future for sure. I find the feminine wash also interesting is the burning sensation the antiseptic effect? It feels like it cleans everything very thoroughly. I'm amazed. Sylvana    

"The virgin gel helped to increase my desire for sex, and my partner is very satisfied because of my 'tightness'!"

Sheila, 30