Excessive Vaginal Wetness
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A daily vaginal fluid of one to two teaspoons which is clear and not smelly is normal. When you are sexually aroused vagina wetness will just be sufficient for both of you to enjoy pleasurable sex.

But, excessive vaginal wetness will ruin the sensations of sex. The woman will not be able to feel the friction of the penis against her vaginal walls and the man cannot feel the “tightness” enclosing his penis which all men crave.

A watery vagina could cause a rift in your relationship and intimacy. The man suspects that the woman’s vagina is loose. The woman thinks that the man’s penis size is the issue. There is unspoken resentment for not getting satisfied sexually.

Causes Of Excessive Vaginal Wetness  

Natural Causes of Excessive Vaginal Moisture

During sexual excitement, the veins in the pelvis, vulva and clitoris dilate allowing more blood to flow through. You feel more heat in your crotch which gives a “flushed feeling” in the vagina. For women who are highly excitable and super aroused, the vagina starts to sweat resulting in excess moisture or wetness.

Female or “G-spot” Ejaculation

Too much vaginal lubrication could also be caused by female ejaculation or G-spot orgasms when your “G-spot” is stimulated.(Some women describe the wetness as having a glass of warm water spilled across the bed).

Excess Vaginal Lubrication Cause By Medication

Excessive vaginal wetness could be caused by high levels of estrogen or oxytocin in the cervix, uterus and vagina. The causes behind these hormonal fluctuations are usually the side-effects of birth control pills or prescription drugs. Rise in estrogen levels is especially noticeable when you have just started, stopped using your birth control pills or switched to a new one.

Your degree of vaginal wetness can also be dictated by the different stages of your menstrual cycle. Many women produce more fluid mid-cycle i.e. during ovulation.

Solutions for Excessive Vaginal Wetness

Vagina Wand or Virgin Stick

1 box for USD28;  2 boxes for USD50 only!

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This Vagina Wand is an effective and all natural treatment for getting rid of excessive vaginal wetness or discharge. The women of South East Asia have long used this wand to maintain vaginal moisture at its optimum level for sensational sex with their partners.

Insert this cigar shaped wand inside the vagina. Swipe it around for 3-5 minutes 3 to 4 times a week to lessen vaginal wetness. For vaginal tightening, insert it in the vagina 20 minutes before sex. Gently move it around for 5 minutes and take it out.

Be aware that if you leave the vagina wand inside your "lovenest" for more than 5 minutes:-

  • Your partner will have a hard time penetrating you.
  • There will be slight vagina burning sensation.
Colors (White, Black) & Quantity

Avoiding the Wet Patch of Female Ejaculation

Give yourself a pat on the back if you are able to achieve female ejaculation or G-spot orgasms! So many of us do not even know how it is like. Most men find this wetness to be highly arousing. However, if your partner is bothered by the wetness, try changing your love making routine.

Have intercourse first. Then place a towel underneath your bottom to avoid the wet patch. And let him help you to climax, either through manual or oral stimulation. This will prevent your vagina from becoming too lubricated during sex, as you will only reach orgasms afterwards.

Consider changing your Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills contain estrogen. When the liver converts the artificial estrogen into natural ones, there is a peak in estrogen levels. For some women, this increase in estrogen levels might result in excessive vaginal wetness/fluid.

It is best to discuss with your doctor and see whether it is feasible to change to a different brand of birth control pills.

Condoms and  Sex Positions

It is better not to adopt the “woman on top” position if you are getting so watery that your partner’s penis keeps slipping out of you.

Lie on your side during intercourse and have your partner penetrate you from behind. The “doggy style” is another good sex position for women who have very wet vaginas. These two positions will normally reverse vaginal circulation, thus increasing friction  for both parties enjoyment.

Getting your partner to use a textured condom is another option for increase sexual sensation.

If you are uncomfortable with the suggested sex positions or your partner is reluctant to use a condom, why not get a vagina wand and surprise him with your clenching power! He will want more than once a night, that’s for sure.

Colors (White, Black) & Quantity

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